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Mustang Hardtop Rear Seat Delete Kit ('94-'98) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

2 hours

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Factory Seat Removal:

1. Remove lower seat cushion by pushing in the release clips between the lower cushion and the carpeted cross member below, there is one on each side, then lift and it'll come out!

2. Using an 8mm or 5/16 wrench, remove the clips that the lower cushion was attached to (two screws each). These are not re-used.

3. Fold down the upper cushion now, and remove bolts securing the top of the seat back. Then fold seat back up and remove the lower bolts/nuts and the black brace on late model vehicles. Now remove the seat back assembly (its heavy). It's easier to remove with the seat locked back.

4. If you are going to remove the seat belts, now is the best time!

Rear Seat Delete Installation Procedure:

1. Before installing the seat kit you must install the supplied pillars, you will notice 2 small metal brackets protruding from the back of the lower seat area, they have holes drilled in them, this will support the bottom section of the seat kit once the supplied pillars have been installed on top of them with the supplied hardware and washers.

2. 1 Install the lower section, the industrial Velcro wilt hold this section in place. The pillars just installed will hold up the rear of the bottom section.

3. Install the back section. Be sure to re-use the head cushion with its plastic mounting tabs on the outside (visible inside of the car), as these hold the back section in place

4. Some 94-98 vehicles are not drilled for the headrest/ seat delete to be bolted to the seat crossmember, if this is your case simply install the headrest without the rear section of the seat kit and using it as a template drill the 2 outside holes, the center is not used, for aesthetic reasons the tab can simply be cut off with a razor blade.

5. Using the two new screws and nuts, push them through the plastic tabs and into the carpet (we do not punch the carpet), then into the metal cross member. It is helpful to have an assistant hold the nut on the trunk side while someone tightens the screw from the passenger compartment. The back section rests ON TOP of the bottom section (not behind it).

6. Please note that this is a rear seat delete kit and is not designed for sitting on. Articles placed in the trunk should be secured, as this kit is not designed to prevent objects entering the passenger compartment.

Installation instructions provided by MMR

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