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How to Install a Rear Seat Delete Kit for a 1979-1993 Hatchback Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

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1. Remove your rear seat, seat backs and back seat belts. I have included a diagram that may help you with the removal of the seats. It is important to remember that everything you take out can be put back in at a later date if you decide to do so. Take your time during this stage. There are not a lot of nuts, bolts or screws to deal with, but it may be worth your time to label where they were removed from.

2. Once the seats are out, vacuum the loose insulation, screws, and dirt that have accumulated since leaving the showroom. Use a damp cloth and wipe down exposed metal pieces clearing it of dust and grime.

3. Take section #1 (the lower trim piece) and lay it on the floor with the carpet side facing down. You will see that one side is arched and the other is straight. It is now time to install the "L" brackets to the straight side. Two large "L" brackets will be equally spaced on each side of the center of the arch. Make sure that the larger "L" brackets do not extend beyond the opposite side into the arch. If they do, they may be visible after installation.

4. Now lay section #2-the seat area-on the floor, carpet side facing down. You will notice two straight parallel sides. The shorter side will go toward the back (hatchback side) of your Mustang. Section #1 with the "L" brackets will be attached to the longer straight side of section #2. Now take section #1 and place it on the long side of section #2. Align section #1 so that it is even with section #2 at both ends and on the outside carpeted areas. Screw the "L" brackets into section #2 making sure the outside edge remains flush as you go.

5. So you have an idea of how these sections fit your Mustang, place them in the back seat area. The arched side of Section #1 should be facing the rear floorboard. Section #2 will be sitting on top of the small pockets of the driver and passenger side of the rear seat area. It is possible that your kit may also site below these pockets. Take time to determine which will work best in your Mustang.

6. Now that you have an idea of how the kit will sit, take note of the pivot pin that held the seat backs in place and allowed them to move independent of each other. The pivot pin is held in place by two nuts. If you did not do so during the seat removal stage, remove the pivot pin now. Keep the nuts close as you will need one in a moment. Take the metal joining strap and slide it under the delete kit, keeping one of the larger holes near the pivot pin bolt. Slide one of the larger holes over the bolt and put the nut on top. There is no need to tighten it at this time. With the metal joining strap facing the front of the car (while still under section #2), mark the strap where it meets the carpet. This mark will allow you to know where to screw the metal joining strap to section #2.

7. Remove the delete kit from your Mustang and lay the carpet side of section #2 facing the ground. It is now time to attach the joining strap to section #2. Using the mark you made in direction number 6, attach the strap to section #2. The strap should be near the center of section #2, opposite section #1. Use the remaining supplied screws to attach the metal strap to section #2.

8. Now that the strap is attached, place the kit back in the car and attach the metal joining strap to the pivot pin bolt and tighten the nut. Your kit is no securely in place.

9. It is now time to determine what you want to do with the excess carpet. You have a few options here. 1. Cut the carpet about 2" out from the wood portion and use the stock carpet flaps to conceal the gap. 2. Cut and trim the carpet and place it on top of the factory carpet. Depending on the condition of your factory carpet this may be a good option.

10. Vacuum the carpet and remove the small particles that have accumulated in shipping and installation.

Rear seat delete kits are designed and built to replace the factory rear seat. If you want the ability to use the rear seat to transport people and heavy items this kit is NOT for you. These kits are not meant to sit on, attach a car seat to or to place heavy items on. These kits are intended to provide a light-weight option for those who choose to take out the factory seat. Buyers are not to use these delete kits in any manner that could endanger anyone. The buyer and all subsequent owners accept all risks associated with a rear seat delete kit.

Rear Seats


1. Apply knee pressure to the lower portion of the rear seat cushion. Push rearward to disengage the seat cushion. Push rearward to disengage the seat cushion from the retainer brackets.

2. Position the seat cushion assembly into the vehicle.

3. Place the seat belts on top of the cushion.

4. apply knee pressure to the lower portion of the seat cushion assembly. Push rearward and down to lock the seat cushion into position.

5. Pull the rear seat cushion forward to be certain it is secured into its floor retainer.

Seat Back Rest

1. Remove the rear seat cushion

2. Remove the seat back bracket attaching the bolts

3. Grasp the seat back assembly at the bottom and lift up to disengage the hanger wire from the retainer brackets.

4. Position the seat back in the vehicle so that the hanger wires engaged with the retaining brackets.

5. Install the seat back bolts and tight to 5-7ft. lbs.

6. Install the rear seat cushion.

Seat Belt Systems

Removal and Installation

1. Remove the D-ring cover. Using the bit, tool T77L-2100-A or equivalent, remove the belt bolt. Remove the B-pillar upper trim panel.

2. Remove the scuff plate retaining screws and panel.

3. Remove the belt through the slot in the upper center trim panel. Remove the web guide retaining screw and slide the guide rearward to remove it from the B-pillar.

4. Remove the outboard safety belt assembly from the vehicle. Remove the nut from the inboard buckle assembly. On the left side disconnect the buzzer wire and pry off the locator.

5. Pull the buckle upward and remove it from the seat.

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