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JLT Performance Cold Air Intake ('99-'01 Cobra, '03-'04 Mach1) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • 5/16 Nut Driver
  • 10mm Open End Wrench
  • 11mm Open End Wrench
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Car Jack
  • Jack Stands


1. Jack the car up using jack stands or drive it on some ramps. Removing the right wheel makes the install much easier, but not totally necessary.

2. Remove your stock intake system from the throttle body to the filter housing.

3. Unbolt your Mass Air Flow Sensor from the filter housing, and install the MAF filter adaptor. Donot reuse the screen.

4. Unplug the hold down in the large wire harness where the MAF wire ties into it and pull toward the hole. Feed your MAF wires into the hole in the apron. You only need a few inches in there.
Note:Mach 1s - It is easier to route these wire back through the hole the main harness is coming through. You may also need to open the wire loom and pull more wire out.

5. Put some tape around the hole in the apron. This will help prevent scratching the pipe during install.

6. 99/01 Cobras Only:Remove your air temperature sensor from your stock inlet and install in the grommet on bottom side of JLT pipe.

7. Use the supplied "U" channel gasket and install around the hole in apron plate.

8. Slide apron plate with "U" channel gasket and 90° Rubber Reducing Elbow onto pipe.Use soapy water on the elbow and leave it loose. You will need to move it for best fit in the fender well.
Note:The reducing elbow is a very tight fit. To ease this, use soapy water and/or heat it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. This will make it easier to stretch over the pipe. Also remember it will need to be at an angle like the photo above. It may help to set the pipe and elbow in the car a few times to get the correct angle. Position the clamps so you can get to them once installed in the fender well.

9. Install the MAF into the end of the reducer. Position the plug so it will be pointing toward the driver's fender and the top toward the rear of the car.

10. Put a small amount of soapy water on the inside of the 90° Rubber Elbow and connect to straight end of pipe. Leave it loose. Stand pipe up and "screw" it into the hole in the apron and attach the 90° degree elbow to throttle body. Be careful not to scratch the finish. Attach the apron plate with the stock airbox bolt.

11. Twist elbow for best angle and fit. Leave clamps loose for now. Push and twist pipe and elbow for best fit. The elbow will be "just" touching the strut tower. Pipe may also "just" touch valve cover. If this concerns you, put a small piece of Velcro on the pipe or cover, soft side.

12. Screw 90 degree fitting supplied in the kit, into the grommet in your valve cover and using the Vi" hose connect the valve cover fitting to the fitting on the bottom of the JLT pipe. This will connect your factory PCV.

13. Remove the Phillips head screw from the bumper cover in front of right wheel. Pull back your splash shield, and feed the MAF adaptor and filter as a unit (we think this is the best way) into rubber elbow and clamp down. Position the MAF so the plug points at the driver's fender and the top points toward the rear of the car. Then tighten clamp. If that is too much, do it a piece at a time. You may need to twist the pipe to get a better angle for the filter. It's tight but it will fit. If needed, loosen the upper clamp and adjust the angle of all the connections.

14. Installation is complete. Go back and tighten all your clamps, polish your fingerprints off the paint and hit the track, street and/or dyno.

Installation instructions provided by JLT

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