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How to install a JLT Cold Air Intake on your 2010-2012 GT500 Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

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Thank you for purchasing our product. We hope you are satisfied with the look and performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to call before going to the internet. Take your time and it will be a smooth install.

A tune specific for this intake is required when installing this kit. Failure to add a tune specific for the JLT intake may result in major engine damage. ***DO NOT INSTALL KIT AND DRIVE WITHOUT A TUNE! ***

Please review complete instructions prior to installing.

We find it easiest to install the kit as a complete assembly; however, it can be done one piece at a time. Here is a walk though:

1. Verify you have all of the following parts included in the kit:

(1) JLT Carbon Fiber or Plastic Intake Pipe with PCV Fitting and Vacuum Line Fitting, (1) 5” ID x 3” Silicone Coupler (1) 5x9” Air Filter, (1) JLT Heat Shield, (2) 80 Clamps, (2) MAF Screws, (1) vacuum plug

2. Gather all of the following tools needed for the installation:

5/16 Nut Driver, 10mm; 13mm Socket and Ratchet, #20 Torx Driver, and Phillips Head Screwdriver 3 Install Tune for JLT Intake – Refer to instructions included with the Tuner.

3. Remove the strut tower brace and stock intake from the throttle body to the airbox. There is only one bolt on the airbox and the clamp at the throttle body.

4. Start to assemble the JLT kit by installing the coupler and clamps loosely on the throttle body end of tube, then slide tube through the large hole in the heat shield and install filter.

5. Remove the stock MAF sensor from the stock filter housing and using supplied screws install into the billet JLT MAF port.

6. Slide the coupler over the throttle body and lower assembly down into position.

7. Squeeze the rubber air duct from the grille and insert fully into oval hole in heat shield.

8. Bolt down the heat shield and plug in the PCV, Vacuum and MAF connections. If your set up does not utilize the vacuum port on the tube, use the supplied plug to cap the hole. Adjust tube in and out of throttle body coupler for best fit. Do not over tighten clamps. They only need to be finger tight.

9. It may be necessary to bend up the tab holding the hood latch cable as so it does not contact air filter.

This kit includes an S&B Powerstack pre-oiled reusable air filter. The frequency you should clean your filter will depend on your driving conditions. It is recommended to check your filter at every oil change or 3,000 miles. If there is a build up of dirt as thick as the wire mesh, then it’s time to clean your filter. As dirt builds up on your filter, the restriction of the airflow also increases. More frequent cleanings will improve your fuel economy and your vehicle’s performance.