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JLT Performance Cold Air Intake Kit (2010 GT) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • 10mm Socket
  • Extension and Ratchet
  • Torx 20 Driver
  • Phillipshead Screwdriver
  • Flat Head Screwdriver


1. Install Tune for JLT Intake- Refer to instructions included with Tuner.

2. Remove the stock intake by loosening the clamp at the throttle body and removing the 10mm bolt holding down the airbox. Unhook the PCV line at the valve cover and lift up and out of front air inlet. Unhook MAF sensor wire harness from sensor and all around air box.

3. Remove front air inlet coming from the grille. Use flat screw driver to undo the 4 tabs (1 on each side). Once you get 2 or More give it a good tug straight out and it will pop off.

4. Remove the grommet from the stock air inlet removed in step 4 and insert it into the hole in the JLT heat shield and run MAF wire harness along frame rail positioning the plug at the upper right side of radiator.

5. Slide heat shield on to the stud on the fan shroud and bolt down using stock air box bolt.

6. Unbolt the power steering reservoir and simply rotate the tank 180 degrees and install in the slot in the fan shroud and bolt back down using stock bolt.

7. Remove the MAF sensor from the stock airbox using a trox T-20 driver and install in the JLT MAF housing using supplied Phillips head screws. Screws just need to be snug.

8. Start to assemble the JLT intake tube by installing the rubber elbow, LONG SIDE onto JLT tube, add the silicon coupler to the other end followed by the MAF housing (MAF will only flow air 1 way. Be sure arrow is pointing toward the throttle body and plug is pointing toward the front of the car) and then the air filter.
9. Connect rubber elbow to throttle body and rotate down in to the “U” channel in the heat shield.

10. Plug in MAF sensor.

11. Using the supplied hose, connect the PCV fitting on the bottom of the JLT pipe to the fitting on the valve cover.

12. Remove the interior sound tube by prying up on the clamp and removing it.

13. Installation is complete.

Installation instructions provided by JLT

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