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Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Mustang Radiator - Manual - ('94-'95 GT/Cobra/V6) - Installation Inst

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Socket wrench
  • 5/16 socket
  • socket
  • 3/16 socket
  • Floor Jack and stands
  • Drain pan
  • Zip ties and wire cutters.



1. Start by opening the Mishimoto Radiator box, pull out the radiator and inspect for any damages that may have occurred during shipping. After thorough inspection, place radiator aside for now.

3. Now start to remove the 8 plastic pushpins that reside on top of the radiator shroud with the needle nose pliers.

4. After removing the 8 plastic pushpins you can now lift the radiator shroud off the car and set aside.

5. You have now exposed the upper radiator mounts, and the overflow bracket. Unplug the wire harness that connects to the cap of the overflow tank, then using the 3/16 socket remove the bolt that holds the main connector to the computer unit that is housed on that same bracket behind the overflow tank. Now remove the overflow bracket bolts using the 5/16 socket. I suggest placing all the bolts that you start removing into a coffee can or small tupperware container so that they will not be kicked around. Finally remove the overflow hose from the overflow tank and now the entire overflow assembly will simply pull out. Continue onto removing the upper radiator hose completely from the car. Then loosen the clamp on the lower radiator hose and just pull the end off that’s connected to the radiator. You can leave the other end connected to the water pump still.

6. Now remove the upper radiator supports. One is on the passenger side as well as the driver’s side. The bolts can be removed with the 5/16 socket, and simply pull up on the brackets to remove them from the radiator and the car itself.

7. Once that is has been completed you need to remove two wiring harness that are secured by plastic pushpins from the fan shroud. Not necessary to unplug just simply pull away from the shroud so the radiator can be removed.

8. Slowly and gently pull on up on the radiator assembly so not to damage the radiator itself. It will now easily pull up from the engine bay, once out of the car drain any leftover fluid still in the radiator out into your drain pan. Set aside the stock radiator.

9. Once the radiator has been removed from the car you will need to transfer over the electric fan and shroud to the new Mishimoto radiator as well as the overflow hose. There will be two bolts, one on each side, that can be removed with the 5/16socket, as well as a small retaining clip on the bottom. Once removed attach the shroud and fan to the Mishimoto radiator with the original bolts and clip. Pull the overflow hose off the stock radiator neck and connect it to the new radiator neck. Before continuing installation be sure to check the new radiator’s drain plug and make sure it’s tight so no leaks will incur. You can also Teflon tape the threads for extra security.

10. Once the shroud is secured you can now start to install the new radiator. Since the Mishimoto radiator is thicker, I found that the best way for the radiator to be lowered into the car is to now remove the battery from its tray. Start by lowering the passenger side first then the driver’s side. BE VERY CAREFUL to not bend or break any of the fins on the new radiator as you are lowering it into the vehicle. The radiator may need to be moved around a little for it to slip into the lower radiator mounts, once the radiator slips in it will feel very secure and not move around.

11. Reattach the lower radiator hose. Reattach the upper mounting brackets, and finally reattach the overflow tank, overflow tank wiring harness, and computer unit harness by tightening its bolt with the 3/16 socket. Finally reconnect the fan’sharness as well as the two harnesses you removed from the fan shroud in the beginning. Double check all harnesses have been reconnected, all brackets are tight, and nothing is obstructing the pulleys.

12. Reconnect the upper radiator hose and secure its clamps. Double check all the radiator hose clamps. Secure the overflow hose to the radiator neck with a small zip tie and use the wire cutters to clip off the excess.

13. Secure the radiator shroud back onto the car with the 8 plastic push pins that were removed in the beginning.

14.Remove the radiator cap from the new radiator and start to pour in “your specific” coolant mixture. Fill until the fluid level reaches the top. The radiator will take more fluid since the radiator is now bigger than the stock unit was.

15. Start the car and purge all air out of the coolant system by allowing it to run and watching the fluid level drop, refill as needed.

16. When all air has been removed, turn off motor, place the jack back under the car to lift the car up and remove the jack stands. Lower the car, release parking brake and finally take the car for a ride.

17. Watch the temperature gauge to ensure all air has been removed from the system and no problems are occurring, come back after a short trip and check all fluid levels once again after car has cooled.

18. You are now finished!

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Jonathan Giberson 9.11.09

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