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How it install an MMD by FOOSE Hood Scoop - Unpainted on your 2015-2016 Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Power Drill
  • 1/4” & 1/2” Drill Bit
  • Trim Removal Tool
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Masking/Painters Tape
American Muscle
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Be sure to use the Alcohol Prep Pads and 3M Adhesion Promoter Pads as instructed.

While not absolutely necessary, it is recommended to remove the hood from the vehicle before installing this hood scoop as holes need to be drilled from the underside

Step 1\\
Remove the 15 plastic retainers holding on the hood liner.

Step 2\\
Remove the rubber cowl weather stripping.

Step 3\\

Press the start button without having your foot on the brake pedal. Turn the wipers on and push the start button when the wipers reach the top of the wiping movement. **Note, this might take a couple tries.

Step 4\\

Remove the adhesive tab on the supplied drilling templates, and stick them on the hood scoop.

Step 5\\

Place the hood scoop on the vehicle, center the hood scoop side to side and position the scoop far enough forward that there is clearance between the wiper arm and the back of the hood scoop. Factory hood alignment is different from car to car. **Note: Not having proper clearance will cause the wiper arm to make contact with the scoop which will chip the paint.

Step 6\\

Tape the template to the hood as close to the edge of the scoop as possible. Repeat this process for all template mounting locations. (2) On both side and (1) on the snout of the scoop.

Step 7\\

With help, start by pulling up on one side of the scoop, you may need to reach your finger under the scoop in order to remove the template from the underside of the hood scoop. Repeat the process for remaining template.

Step 8\\

Take the necessary steps to prevent metal shavings from scratching the paint, also prevent metal shaving from getting all over the engine bay using a drop cloth. Mark and drill a pilot hole on each of the (5) mounting locations. Once the pilot hole is drilled, drill a 9/32” hole through both the upper, and structural skins of the hood. **Note: Be careful not to drill past the structural layer as you may drill into important engine components.

Step 9\\

Enlarge only the holes on of the structural skin. **Note: Drill slowly so that the drill bit does not make contact with the top of the hood. Drill a 17/32” hole so that the washer and phillips screw can pass through and side at on the underside of the hood skin.

Step 10\\

Paint any bare metal to protect bare surfaces from the elements, this includes top and bottom hood surfaces. You will want to tape off any paint you do not want to get overspray on if using spray pain. **Note: Using nail polish is a good mess free alternative to spray paint.

Step 11\

Peel the adhesive backing off the provided foam pads and install them to the underside of the hood around the mounting holes.

Step 12\\

Peel the adhesive backing off the corners of the double sided tape so once the scoop is set in position the backing can be pulled from the hood scoop.

Step 13\\

Install the hood scoop inserts, first clean the painted surface with alcohol and apply adhesive promoter. **Note: Orange scoop used only for color contrast.

Step 14\\

Prep the hood’s painted surface with alcohol and then adhesive remover only where the double sided tape will make contact.


Loosely install the hood scoop with the provided screws. Center the scoop side to side. Make sure there is still room between the wiper arm and the back of the hood scoop. Once you are happy with the placement peel the tape backing all the way off. Apply firm even pressure on the tape edges to ensure adhesion. Then tighten the hood scoop screws.

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