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MP Concepts GT500 Style Front Bumper; Unpainted (18-23 Mustang GT, EcoBoost)

Item 409490
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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: If you're the owner of a 2018 and newer GT or EcoBoost Mustang and you wish you can add some of that aggressive GT500 styling into the front end, well, now you can, thanks to the MP Concepts GT500-style bumper that we have here today. Now, this kit will feature a complete unpainted GT500-style front bumper constructed from that durable polypropylene, along with brand new upper and lower grilles, new chin spoiler, side canards, and all of your hardware for that mid $700 price point. Install according to the site's gonna get a healthy two to three wrenches on the difficulty meter, take about three hours to complete from start to finish. But if you hang with me for a bit, we'll walk you through that job later in the video. So, this part is very popular for the 2015 through 2017 owners and I have a feeling it's gonna be the same case for the 2018 and newer crowd as well. Why? Well, it completely changes up the look of your ride by replacing that stock front bumper with a piece that looks identical to the one found on the mighty GT500.Now, the interesting thing with this particular setup is for the 2018 and newer cars, that Ford didn't use the facelift headlights as they're called for the newer Shelby. So, this is kind of a cool way to see what it would look like if the Shelby had implemented those newer-style lights. And honestly, I think it works judging from our footage and from some of the pictures obviously, it looks a bit different because we're not used to seeing the combination of that newer headlamp on the Shelby bumper, but I think it's a combo that looks pretty killer. If anything, I think the newer headlights give the GT500 front end a little bit more of a sinister look. But as I mentioned at the very top of this video, guys, this kit is more than just a bumper shell itself, right? You're also getting things like the GT500-style upper and lower grilles here, along with a GT500-style lower chin. Now, MP Concepts also kicks in the air deflectors or canards here at the side of the bumper, which are identical to the ones found on the GT500, as are the lower buckets here right below your turn signals, which by the way, you will need to swap over your stock turn signals to the brand new bumper.Now, I have seen a few questions about, "Hey, can I maybe swap a Cervini's or an RTR grille into this bumper?" Unfortunately, that's not possible without heavy modification just due to the different shapes. So just kind of keep that in mind. Same goes to the lower chin splitter as well. Now, at the time of this video, this is basically what you're gonna have to roll with, guys, which is fine, because again, if you're installing something like this, it's probably to nail that GT500 look, and therefore you probably don't wanna deviate too much from that. But styling aside, construction is gonna be very similar to what you would find with a factory or OE bumper, right? You get that durable yet very pliable polypropylene that does ship unpainted as you guys can see. Very important to mention that fact because this part is not currently available pre-painted on the site. So you will need to factor in some prep work along with paint into your final costs.Now, the bumper does have a number of very positive reviews here on the site along with a ton of customer-submitted images. So, if you're on the fence about maybe going with this option versus a GT350-style option, always a great idea to check out those customer-submitted images, kind of compare and contrast, and check out the reviews while you're there. It's a great way to get a sense of how fellow S550 owners are enjoying this thing, maybe not enjoying it in certain aspects, is a great way to get some real-world feedback and see a lot of pictures of this thing maybe in the color of your own ride. But now we wanna shift gears and show you what it takes not only to assemble the bumper itself here, again, transferring over your fog lights, getting those grilles in place, things like that, but also physically getting the bumper installed on your ride at home. So, without further ado, guys, check out our detailed walkthrough and tool breakdown now,Man: Tools used for this installation, 3/8 electric impact gun, clip removal tool, Phillips head screwdriver, cutting pliers, quarter-inch drive ratchet, quarter-inch drive adapter, Phillips Torx bit, 5-millimeter, 7-millimeter, 8-millimeter, 10-millimeter sockets, 10-millimeter wrench, and a dead blow hammer. The first thing we're gonna do now we have our hood, we're gonna remove our push clips right here that hold our upper rad cover on. That'll give us access to the bolts up top here that hold on our bumper. Okay. Now that we have those removed, lift up and remove our cover. Now that we got our cover off, we're gonna remove our two end screws that hold the bumper on, they're 5-millimeter, we're just gonna pop those out. And now I'm gonna remove the 8-millimeters that are up top here. Now that we have those removed, we're gonna go to our inner wheel well over here and start loosening up our sides.So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna remove our three push clips in our wheel well here, there's one right here, it's gonna be right in this area here, it's back inside, we're gonna pull this one out, plus these two here, which will give us access to pull our fender back. And then there should be two bolts up in here that hold our fender or our bumper to our fender. So, I'm gonna just get in here, pop out our push clips and then get up here, this one is little more tricky. All right. Now that we have those out, I'm gonna be able to get a hold of our fender here and our wheel well, and pull it back. Now on this one, I moved the tire in so that I can get access to these two 10-millimeters that are tucked up in here. And I'm gonna take these off and loosen these up and then we'll be able to remove our sides of our bumper. So, now I've got my inner wheel well pulled back, inside here up top in here there's two 10-millimeter nuts. I'm gonna take my ratchet, with my 10-millimeter get on it, get the first one loose and off. Once I get the first one loose, now I'm gonna go back in, get the ratchet on the second one, and get the second one loose. And they are a little tough to get to, but you can get in there. And now that we have these two loops, I'm gonna take this nut off. We're gonna wanna repeat the same procedure on the other side. We're gonna go underneath and now remove the splash guard.So now we got our two sides of our bumper loose. Now we're underneath, we're gonna remove our splash guard. On ours, our bolts missing. You have some screws here that hold it on some on the outer edge, some here. You have to push clips right here, we're gonna remove this, get this down, that gives us access to loosen up the lights for our turn signal, and in that way we can get the rest of the bumper and then pull the whole front bumper off. So now I'm gonna take my clip removal tool, pull out our two push clips first. Now that I got them off, I'm gonna take my 7-millimeter on my electric impact gun and start removing screws. Again, our vehicle is missing screws. You might have all the screws in. Now once I have just about all of them out, I think there's only one more right here, we're gonna be able to remove this down and get this out of the way. And now we're just going to pull our panel down. Now we can get access to our turn signal lights.Now that we got our splash panel removed, we're gonna unplug our turn signals. This connector right here, I'm gonna reach up, push down on the clip and pull it off. And you're just gonna wanna repeat that same procedure on the other side. So, now gonna remove our bumper cover, I'm going to push down on this and get this off like that. I'm gonna go over to the other side, do the same thing. Once we have it loose, I'm gonna come over to the front, we have all our bolts out. I'm gonna pick up, get it off the studs, grab a hold the bumper cover and it's off. Now that I got her bumper off, we're gonna have to remove some stuff on this bumper. First two things we're gonna remove, turn signal lights on both sides, we're gonna have to remove these studs here that hold the bumper to the fender. We're gonna remove this rubber piece in the front nose here, this is gonna go on the new one. And we're gonna remove some clips over there. So I'm gonna grab my gun and my 7-millimeter and start removing the turn signals. Now I'm gonna take my 7-millimeter, we're gonna remove these three screws right here that holds our turn signal in. And once I got those out, you'll be able to lift up, remove your turn signal, you're gonna wanna clean it before you install it. And now we're just gonna remove this bracket here with the studs. Now you're gonna repeat the same procedure on the other side.So now we're gonna remove these clips here, they hold our splashguard on, we're gonna need these for a new bumper. I'm gonna take my clip removal tool, you can use a flat blade screwdriver, a pair of cutter pliers and just pull them off. You just wanna pop them off because we're gonna end up squeezing them back together and then putting them on our new bumper. Now we'll go and remove our rubber gasket on the top of our bumper. So now we're gonna remove our rubber seal, there's little white push clips, you're gonna wanna be careful when you pop them, just take your time because it's gonna pop out of the rubber. If it does, it's not a big deal, you can pull the clip out and put them back in. So I'm gonna take my small clip removal tool. Some of them are already kind of loose. I'm gonna get in there and just...if you get a couple that do that, I'll show you how to get them out and put them back in.Now I'll show you how to get these out and we'll stick those back in the rubber. So now I had a couple of the thin come out. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our cutter pliers, and we're going to grab a hold of it, but we're not going to squeeze too hard. Just very lightly put pressure and just pop it out like that. Once you get it out, just gonna bend the ears back a little bit. And then it's gonna just slide right back in the rubber. You can just push to get it to pop in both ears, pretty much like that. I'm gonna do the next one the same way. So now that we got everything removed from our old bumpers that we're gonna need. We're gonna start with our new bumper. There's some plastic bracing in here that they put in for shipping. We're gonna have to remove that first before we can start to assemble. So now I'm gonna remove them and show you how they're removed and then we'll start assembling our new bumper.So now I'm gonna show you how to remove these plastic pieces they put in for shipping. I'm just gonna twist them, the manufacturer says you might need to cut them, some of them can just be twisted just like that and they break off. I do have some cutters here in case I can't get them out. I'm gonna come over to the side here, cut this one, and do the same on this side. And if you just twist them they seem like they'll just break off. So now that I have them removed, we're going to start assembling our grilles. So now we're gonna start assembling our grille or lower grille I should say. And what we're gonna do is we're going to take our mesh and you have a flat side and a unflat side. We're gonna take that, trying to get that to sit here and line up with some of the holes like that. And once we get that done then we're gonna take our other piece of plastic that they give us here. We're gonna set that on top like that. This end is gonna go to the passenger side, it has the little card in it. And then what we're going to do is start with our Phillips screw and our flat washer. These are a little bit longer ones in the kit, they're gonna give you a fatter ones and they're gonna give you a skinny ones. These are gonna be the skinny ones.I'm going to start by getting a couple started, lined up with the holes. Also get a few started. We will end up running them in with my electric gun. Once you feel them start like that, I'm gonna start in the center. And now we have them all tight, we're gonna go and do the upper grille. So now we're gonna install our upper grille the same way, the flat part of the grille is gonna come up facing me. The bottom part is gonna go down, and we're gonna get this in place here, line up some of these holes. And once you have this pretty much lined up starting with these holes, I'm gonna put this piece on, it's gonna have the slot for the bigger piece with the MP logo facing this way. So we're going to get this on, put it in place and start our screws. I'm gonna get two of them started on this center one on that end, and then start the rest. Same screws and washers that we used on the bottom one that are included in the kit. Now I'll run them with my gun and then our upper grille will be installed.Now that we have our upper grille installed, we're gonna start installing our side covers with our turn signals. Now we're gonna install our side grilles here. Now we're gonna take them, put them in place and get them to sit down in. And once we get them in place, you're gonna want to move them around a little bit, push down on them. And they are a little tough to get to sit. So I'm gonna push down on this thing to get this going. I'll be afraid to tap it. Smack it around to get the clips to clip. All right. Now I got them all in, you're gonna wanna repeat the same procedure on the other side. Now that we have our grille in, I'm gonna take our turn signal, put it back in place. I'm gonna use the screws that we took out of the stock one, get those started. Take my 7-millimeter and our studs here that we need to bolt our fender up, I'm gonna push him back into place here. And once we have that in, you're gonna wanna repeat the same procedure on the other side. Now we wanna install our clips that we took off our bumper to hold our splash guard up.Now that we have those in, now we wanna install our bottom fin panel that goes underneath. So now that we got our turn signals all hooked up in end and we got our grilles done, we're gonna put our chin spoiler on. We're gonna use our Phillips head bolts with the nuts and washers that's supplied in the kit. We're gonna stick them on, I'm gonna put one on one side and get it started. 'm gonna put a nut and washer on this, and then I'm gonna go on to the other side and put a bolt and washer there to hold it in place, so I can start putting all the bolts and washers in that are supplied in the kit. Now you're gonna wanna just finish installing the rest of the bolts and nuts and washers. Now I'm gonna take my Philips and a 10-millimeter. I'm gonna tighten this chin spoiler up. Now I just gonna wanna repeat that on the rest of the bolts. Now we're going to install our side pieces here that go into the front and in the side of the wheel well. There's some tabs that stick out, this is gonna fit into there. We're gonna take our shorter Phillips screws that were supplied in the kit. I'm gonna start a couple of these. Now you're gonna wanna just repeat the same procedure on the other side.Now that we've got everything else installed, I'm gonna install our grille emblem. We're gonna take our two Phillips, put them through this black plate, line the holes up, push them up through. We're gonna start these pieces of flat plate with the threads in them. And take my Phillip screwdriver, tight these down on. I'm gonna snug them up, you don't gotta go too tight. I'm just gonna get them snug and tighten the next one up. And now we'd have those too tight, I'm gonna flip it over and then install the front cover. So now we're gonna take our double-sided tape, I'm gonna peel it off. I want to lay one side down like that. We wanna take our MP Concepts emblem, stick it on like that. Next, we'll install our rubber and we'll be ready to install our front bumper. So now we're gonna put our rubber back in where it was on the top. Now we're ready to install our front bumper.So now we're gonna put a bumper back in place. I'm gonna slide it in, get it on the studs down here. Once I have it on them, then I'm gonna come down in here, [inaudible 00:33:59] both sides. And now we'll start to install our fender on that side and our fender on this side. So now we're gonna install our two 10-millimeter nuts. They go up in here onto these two studs when you push us up into there. And when we took this apart, we had some push clips that held in place. Now we're going to put our winglets on here, and inside here, we're going to use these three self-tapping screws, and we're gonna screw this all together. It's gonna start one here, one there, and one up in here and we're gonna drill this, it's what the manufacturer recommends to hold everything together. So you won't be really using your push clips. There's nothing on the back of this bumper compared to the stock bumper. So, we're not going to drill into ours because we're just using this as a demonstration, but I am gonna install the two 10-millimeter bolts. And on your vehicle, you're gonna wanna put them screws in to hold everything together.So now I'm gonna stick our two 10-millimeter nuts back on the studs that hold this all in place. I'm gonna tighten them up. Another one up. Now that I have those tightened up, I put our wheel well back in place. And now you're gonna wanna install your three self-tapping screws here to hold the winglet on the side in place. And you're gonna wanna repeat the same procedure on the other side. Now that we got our sides on, I'm gonna do our top bolts here and put our rad cover on. Then we'll go underneath, put our splash guard on. I'm gonna put our 8-millimeters in first. I'm gonna switch over to our 5-millimeter. Put those in the end. Now we'll put our rads support cover on. Now we're gonna put our rad support cover back in place and put our push clips in. Now we'll go underneath and put on our splash guard. All right. Before we put our splash shield on, we're gonna re-hook up our turn signals. Just gonna grab the connector, you're gonna plug in. You're gonna wanna repeat that same procedure on the other side, and then we'll install our splash guard.So now that we got our turn signals hooked up, I'm gonna reinstall our splash guard. I'm gonna stick it in the side here, get this up in place here. I'm gonna line up my two back holes here. We start two of our screws. Now, when I took this off, there were some screws missing. So I don't know if I'm gonna have enough to put all the holes, but on yours, if you do. So now I have that, I'll hold it up place, make my inner wheel well go where it has to go here, and I'll start some screws in the front. I'm gonna take my gun, see if I can start a couple. Sometimes it's a pain in the butt to line them up. Being that it's new plastic, you're gonna have to move it around a little bit to get them to start. Some align right up, these are the factory holes. Now what I'm gonna do, so I got a few started. I wanna put my push clips in, see if they line up. Now I'm gonna do a couple in my wheel well to hold these two pieces together here. You're gonna finish putting your screws in where they go. We're missing some. So I got some in the front, some in the back, tighten them all up, and then the front bumper is installed. That wraps up this review and install of our MP Concepts GT500-style Front Bumper Unpainted for '18 to '21 GT and EcoBoost Mustangs. Thanks for watching, and for all things Mustang, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Aggressive Shelby GT500 Inspired Styling
      • Front Fascia Kit
      • Constructed from Durable OEM-Quality Polypropylene
      • Includes Front Fascia, Upper Grille, Lower Grille and Chin Spoiler
      • Straight Forward Installation
      • Ships Unpainted
      • Fits 2018-2023 EcoBoost and GT Models


      Aggressive Shelby GT500 Styling. Transform the exterior styling of your S550 Mustang with this GT500 Style Front Bumper Kit from MP Concepts. MP Concepts Front Fascia closely mimics the lines of the Shelby GT500 to give your Mustang a more aggressive appearance.

      Quality Construction. MP Concepts manufactures their Front Bumper Cover from OEM quality Polypropylene. Polypropylene is an extremely strong and durable thermoplastic polymer, making it perfect to withstand the hazards of daily driven vehicles. The included Chin Spoiler and grilles are also made from Polypropylene, they feature a slight black stipple textured finish for an aggressive appearance and superior durability.

      Complete Kit. MP Concepts Front Fascia Kit comes complete and includes the front fascia, upper grille, lower grille, chin spoiler, chin spoiler winglets, turn signal brackets and hardware. The Kit does not include Headlights, Fog Lights or Turn Signals – these will all carry over from your Mustang.

      Straight Forward Bolt-on Installation. MP Concepts engineered their Front Fascia to be a direct fit replacement for your original stock bumper. Installation can be completed in about three hours, after painting of course. Please note that some of your original hardware will be reused for installation.

      Application. This MP Concepts GT500 Style Front Bumper Kit is designed for use on 2018-2023 EcoBoost and GT Mustang models. Does not fit Shelby GT350 or GT500.

      Technical Notes. This MP Concepts Front Fascia Kit ships unpainted. AmericanMuscle recommends professional installation of all body parts. We also recommend test fitting these products before they are painted.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here.

      MP Concepts



      MP Concepts 409490

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Bumper Cover
      • (1) Chin Spoiler
      • (1) Chin Spoiler Winglets
      • (1) Upper Grille
      • (1) Lower Grille
      • (2) Fog Light Covers
      • (20) 17mm Self-Tapping Screws
      • (28) 15mm Self-Tapping Screws
      • (12) Bolts
      • (40) Washers
      • (12) Nuts

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