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How to Install a CoverCraft Deluxe Custom-Fit Car Cover on your 2010-2013 Mustang

Installation Time

15 minutes

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Your new custom cover is made with Block-It® 380 Series fabric from KimberlyClark. This is a 3-layer non-woven ultrasonically laminated composite. A film barrier is used for the middle layer to help provide a high degree of dust protection while remaining breathable and providing good UV protection and water resistance for your vehicle when used outdoors.

If your vehicle has an outside radio antenna which will not r􀁐tract flush with the vehicle body, you will have to provide an opening in the cover. We have included a non-corrosive plastic grommet set for the anten ha opening.

1. The most accurate way to make an antenna opening is to rel110ve the antenna and install the cover on the vehicle, making sure it is properly aligned and positioned. Using a sharp pencil, punch a hole through the fabric at the antenna location. Be careful to avoid hitting the vehicle finish with the penCil. If the antenna is not easily removed, see procedure #2.

2. Place the cover on the vehicle except for the fender or body panel where the antenna is located. For example, if the antenna is located on the front passenger side fender, roll or fold the cover away from the antenna and cover all the remaining area of the vehicle. (Do not attempt to place the cover over the top of the antenna.) Center the cover, align both seams with the roof edges and be Sure the cover is pulled down evenly over the front and rear bumpers. Carefully unfold the portion of the cover that is next to the antenna and position it next to the base of the antenna. Recheck the overall positioning of the cover to make sure it has not moved on the vehicle. Make sure the cover lies flat over the hood and roof areas of the vehicle.

Mark the cover with the location of the antenna base and make a hole with a sharp pencil.

Use sharp scissors to make the hole opening 3/4 inch in diameter and install the grommet as shown in the diagram to the right. The outside groml11et ring fit is very tight. Place the cover on a CLEAN hard surface, pOSition the the inside grommet through the opening you made and then secure the outside grommet snap-ring in place using a rubber mallet. Do NOT use excessive force or the ring can be damaged. Do NOT install the grommet with the cover on the vehicle.

IMPORTANT - When installing the cover, remember to place it over the antenna before putting the mirror pockets over the mirrors.

1 - Using a large commercial washer without agitator, wash the cover using 1/4 cup of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. Put the cover in the washer and pour the cleaner in the tub after it's filled with warm water or, for some wall mounted commercial units pour it directly in the machine, then put in the cover and start the machine. Use a "gentle" cycle if available.

2 - Rinse the cover twice (2X) to remove all the cleaner.

3 - Air dry.

A cover may also be cleaned by turning it inside-out on the vehicle.

1 - Mix one ounce Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner per quart of warm water.

2 - Spray or sponge onto cover.

3 - Rinse with plain water (until no suds) and allow to air dry.

Simple Green is available in most world markets. If you have any questions, contact them at 1-800-228-0709 (U SA) or visit their web-site ...


Your new cover is equipped with plastic (non-scratch) grommets, reinforced into the bottom edge on both sides of the cover. A plastic-coated, steel cable with padlock and keys is available to lock through the grommets and secure the cover to the vehicle. Consult your dealer for availability.

An added theft deterrent is the application of large letters on the sides of the cover. Print your name or license number on the cover to make it uninviting to a prospective thief. (Note - see warning for use of ink and markers)

NOTE - Car covers are not designed for use when towing. Serious damage can occur to the cover and the paint surface of the vehicle may also be damaged. If you use a cover for towing you do so at your own risk.

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and Submodels: Boss 302, V6, GT, GT500