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How to Install a Push Button Start Ignition Kit on your 1999-2004 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 1/4" Ratchet w/ 7mm & 8mm Sockets
  • Electrical Tape
  • Wire Ties
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Tools Required:
¼ Ratchet w/7mm & 8mm Sockets
Electrical Tape
Wire Ties

Step 1:
With the parking brake on, place the car in
neutral and remove the center console trim by
pulling outwards to release the clips. Be sure to
disconnect the traction control & lighter
harnesses before removing from vehicle

Step 2:
Depress the two clips and remove the lighter
from the console trim as shown.

Step 3:
Feed the wires from the push start through the
trim and install the lock nut to secure the
button. Be sure the wording “Engine Start” is
facing the correct way before tightening the
lock nut.

Step 4:
Feed the push start wires through the drivers’
side of the center console towards the dash as
shown and re‐install the trim piece. Be sure to
plug in the traction control harness before
snapping the trim into its final position.

Step 5:
Remove the steering column plastic trim using
an 8mm socket. Once the two bolts are
removed, pull firmly and the trim will be

Step 6:
Remove the metal column trim using an 8mm
socket as well.

Step 7:
Remove the ignition switch from the steering
column using a 7mm socket. To gain better
access, removing the metal dash support might
be helpful (shown below).

Step 8:
Remove the gray cover from the ignition switch
and any excess electrical tape to gain access to
the wiring harness. Using the supplied locking
connectors, connect the wires as follows:

Push Start                      Ignition Switch
Black                                White/Pink Stripe
Yellow                              Gray/Yellow Stripe

Be sure the wires are making good contact,
otherwise the push start will not work once the
switch is reconnected. Re‐install the switch and
test that the push start works (the key must be
in the ignition and turned to the “ON” position.
Once proper function is confirmed, thoroughly
tape the connections with electrical tape.

***Note: If installed as above, the key will
also start the car in addition to the push start.
If only push start operation is desired, cut the
White/Pink wire at the ignition switch.***

Step 9:
Once proper operation of the push button is
confirmed and the ignition switch is properly reinstalled,
use wire ties to secure the push
button wiring under the dash so it does not
interfere with pedals or other wiring.

Re‐install the metal dash brace, metal column
trim, and plastic column trim to complete the