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Oracle Black Edition Dynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A Headlights; Black Housing; Clear Lens (15-17 Mustang; 18-22 Mustang GT350, GT500)

Item 412117
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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: If you're a fan of the stock headlights on your 2015 through '17 Mustang or your 2018 and newer Shelby but wish you could add some cool custom lighting, well, then the Oracle Black Edition Headlights that we have here would certainly be worth a look. Now, these SAE-approved lights are bristling with features like the sequential turn signals, demon eyes, and LED halos, and can be had for the low $1,200 price point.Install will be a direct swap, plug-and-play job, so figure a soft two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here. And I would say about an hour of your time to complete from start to finish. But hang with me for a bit, guys, we'll walk you through that job later in the video.So if you guys know Oracle, then you know they do produce a wide variety of custom lighting for your ride, the latest of which being their Black Series ColorSHIFT Headlights here for the S550, which not only allow you to create just about any color under the sun, but also allow you to do some pretty cool patterns with these lights, including strobing, color switching, soft fades, and now even the very dynamic halos, tri-bar lighting, and demon eyes. Basically, the sky's the limit when we're talking about colors with the Oracles.Now, these lights and colors are controlled wirelessly here through your Bluetooth controller or using your Apple or Android device, which is, again, gonna make this a very easy operation to control on the fly or whenever you're at your next show.So, obviously, your LED ColorSHIFT functionality, I would say is the main feature here with the Oracle is one of the biggest pros, if you will, but I also like how they chose to load all of that cool lighting into a simple, black housing OE-style housing with the clear lens that's gonna give these lights kind of a Jekyll and Hyde effect. And what I mean by that is with all of that crazy lighting turned off, the lights seem very clean, very understated without being over the top.In fact, one of the only telltale signs these lights are a little bit different are the rings around the projectors and you are getting some smoked reflectors on the side in place of your factory orange reflectors. But again, turn everything on, fire up those halos, start getting wild with your colors, and you can see just how radical these things can actually get.Another cool thing I like pointing out, these things are fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box. There's no need to disassemble your factory headlights to install aftermarket lighting, reseal them, anything like that. Instead, just a direct swap, plug-and-play job. Now, as far as your actual headlight bulb itself, well, the Oracles will reuse your factory bulbs and the HID ballasts, so just gonna have to swap everything over during the install process.Also, quick heads up here, guys, these lights have been given both the DOT and SAE stamp of approval, making them legal for use in all 50 states. However, disclaimer, the strobing, color-shifting halos, things like that should not be used while driving on the road, otherwise, you might catch the attention of your local authorities and not in a good way.But what do you say we segue into the installation? And honestly, this is gonna be a job that's not gonna be too bad overall. If you've never removed your headlights before on your S550, well, the bumper will need to come off in order to hit all of the necessary bolts and hardware. But to give you a better idea of just how easy that is, check out our detailed walkthrough and tool breakdown right now.Man: Tools used for this installation: test light, 3/8 electric impact gun, clip removal tool, cutter pliers, stripper and crimpers, flat blade screwdriver, 1/4-inch drive ratchet, Phillips screwdriver, T20 Torx, 13, 10, 8, and 7-millimeter sockets, 1/4-inch drive extension, and 1/4-inch to 3/8 adapter.First thing we're gonna do once we have our hood open is we're gonna remove our eight push clips on top that hold our rad cover on. We're gonna take our clip removal tool. We're gonna get in there, pop these out.Once we get these out, that's gonna allow us to simply lift off our rad cover, which will give us access to our 7-millimeter bolts up top that hold our bumper cover on. First thing we're gonna do is follow our rubber over, and if you pull the rubber back here, you're gonna see a 7-millimeter here. And there's one on the other side. So I'm gonna take my 7-millimeter, remove that one. And now you'll just repeat that on the other side. Now that we have both our 7 millimeters off, I'm gonna remove our 8 millimeters up top.So now we have those done, we have our front loose. We're gonna work on our wheel wells and start taking them apart. Next, what we're gonna do is remove our push clips. There's one here and here, and there's a bolt up in between these two pieces here. I'm gonna show you how to get to that. I'm gonna take my clip tool, pull my push clips out. That's them.So now, like I said, there's a bolt that is up inside here that we're gonna get to. What I like to do to get to it is push the wheel well back like this. Now, on our Mustang, the bolt is missing, but there is one right up in here. You're gonna be able to get a ratchet up in there. It's pretty simple to get in there, take it out. Once you get that out, that holds these two together. Ours is actually missing, I think the clips broke. So means that that's out, now all you have to do is give your fender a tug, and it comes apart like that. And the whole fender or the whole front nose is off, and now you're gonna wanna repeat the same procedure on the other side.So now we have our car up in the air, we're gonna need to remove our splash guard underneath the front of the air dam here. Now, if you're at home, you don't have a lift, you wanna make sure you jack your car up, put it on jack stands, you wanna make sure it's secure. You're gonna get under here, there's gonna be some push clips, 7-millimeter bolts. I'm gonna start by taking everything off to get this out. That'll give us access to disconnecting the fog light or the light fog lights so that we can drop our bumper down.I'm gonna start by popping out our push clips. So now in our vehicle, there are some clips missing. There are some screws missing. You're just gonna go around and find the screws that hold this on on top here. You'll see some, we're gonna take all the 7 millimeters off next, and then we should be able to remove our splash guard on the bottom.Double-check, make sure I have all the 7 millimeters out. And once I have all them out, now we'll remove our splash guard. Now with everything off, I'm just gonna drop our splash guard out of the way. That's gonna give us access to our lights and we'll be able to remove our bumper.So once you undo your splash apron underneath, you're gonna be able to lift up on the front bumper, pop it off. There's some pins here that it sits on. Once you get that off, you pull from the sides. It'll come down. Now, when we were underneath the car, I was gonna disconnect the light harness, but on this vehicle, you're able just to sit it down. Now, if you wanna disconnect it so you can remove the bumper, it doesn't hurt to just unplug it. You can take the bumper off. I'm gonna just leave it hanging and that will give me access to my headlights. Now, we'll start removing our headlights.So now, there's 3 bolts that hold the headlight on, two 10 millimeters and one 13. I'm gonna start by removing the 10 millimeters. And now we'll remove our 13. I'm gonna hold the headlight, take our 13 out, and our headlight will just come right out. Now we'll just push on our clip, pop our harness out, and that will remove our headlight. Now you're gonna wanna repeat the same procedure on the other side.So now that we have our old headlights removed from our vehicle, we're gonna have to transfer some hardware over from our old headlights to our new headlights. Our new headlights do not come with bulbs and they do not come with this box. So we're gonna have to transfer this box and the bulbs to the new headlights before we can install.So I'm gonna pop this cover off, which I did on both of ours, and now I'm gonna remove this box with my Torx. Now that we have our four screws out, we have our module up. I'll take my flat blade screwdriver, remove our two connectors that are underneath. Pop that off. So now I'm gonna pull our headlight out. You're gonna squeeze your clip and then pull your light out. And then we will disconnect the light. Push in the tab. Now we have our headlight out, more module. Now we'll transfer this stuff over into our new headlight.So now we have our module out, we have our headlight out of our old, we're gonna start installing it. You're gonna have to reuse this wire. This kit does not come with it. So what we're gonna do is I'm gonna install the module first by plugging this in. And once I get that plugged in, I'm gonna fish this wire down in through the headlight. You'll see there's a hole down there to bring this wire, and this is what's gonna plug into our headlight then after we get our module.There is a red and black wire here that's kind of just hanging here. I don't think it's being used. It might be for a different model or something else. So now once we have our wire fish through, make sure nothing's tangled, we will install our module into place. And now, we'll install our screws, tighten that up, and then we'll install our headlight.Now that I got our wire pulled through, our cover's in place, I'm gonna start our screws and tighten them up with our Torx. So now we have our cover on, now we're going to install our headlight.Now I'm gonna plug our connector that we removed from our other headlight into this one. I'll fish it down in, get the wire down where it's gotta go, and get the headlight in place. And once I get it into place, I'll just push it down in. Take your clips, one at a time, take them in and lock them in place. Reinstall our cover, give it a turn, that locks it in. Now you're gonna wanna repeat this same procedure onto your other headlight, and then we're ready to install our headlights.So now that we have our headlight off and we have our bumper down, this is a good time that we're gonna go in and we're gonna disconnect our turn signal, our marker light on the side, our driving light, and that way, we can get access so we can find the wire for a turn signal. We're gonna need that to hook up some wires in our box that comes with this kit. So what I'm gonna do is get down, give it a turn, push the clip, pop this off.I already disconnected my driving light there so it hangs down a little bit. And then I'm gonna show you what you have to do as far as searching for the wire to find the turn signal. So now with this kit, you're gonna have to do some wiring, and the box comes with a couple of connectors. It comes with two wires off the Oracle lighting box that has to be connected to the turn signals. So what you're gonna do is after, like, we just removed our turn signal, you're gonna find the hot wire for your turn signal.How you're gonna do that is turn the car on, turn your turn signal on, use your test light, poke into the wires. There's three wires in the back of this connector. I already found it. You're gonna poke into it. As it's flashing, you're gonna see your test light is gonna flash. And once you find it, then what we're gonna do is we're gonna use a T-connector, this little connector right here. We're gonna put that on the wire, and I already did it. You get it on, you push it down, it clicks like that.You're gonna push pretty hard, you'll feel a click. Once it does that, it actually pinches into the wire, which allows you to use a spade flat blade connector and slide into it, which will give you your connection for your two wires that are coming off of that box. Now, I already did it. So I already put my flat blade spades onto my two yellow wires coming off the box. So now what we're gonna do is put the light back in, and we'll assemble the headlight and then we'll start wiring.So now we have our headlight, we're gonna install it. We're gonna have this wire back here, which is our wire that gets plugged into our box. You wanna make sure you keep that towards the front. We'll take our connection and connect our headlight. You'll hear a click. Now we're gonna put our headlight back in in place like this, slide it in. It's two tabs, there's a tab upfront, a tab right there. Once you have those lined up, I'm gonna start our 13 on the side here, get that started.Once I have that one started, I'm gonna start my 10-millimeter up top here. Get that one started. And then we have one on the bottom. I'll start this one on the bottom. Once I get them all started, I'm gonna snug them up. I'm gonna take my 13-millimeter one, tighten that one. Switch over to our 10, tighten that one. Switch over to our bottom one, that one's done. And now we're gonna fish this wire through over to where we're gonna have the box mounted.So now we have our headlight in place, it's hooked up. We have our turn signal back in place. We put our connector on there so that we're ready to wire when we get to that point. We're gonna run our wire through the frame here, over in front of the radiator. So we're gonna have to hook this up. Then this is gonna be our connection. Now, you wanna try to keep it up so that, you know, it doesn't touch anything, there's no pinch points.So now that we have everything hooked up on this side, we have our wire fished through there, the lights hooked up, you're gonna wanna repeat this same procedure on the other side. So now we're gonna do our wiring. I'm gonna have our boxes, there's three of them in this kit, mount right here.Now, on our vehicle, we're not gonna drill holes. We're gonna leave this where it is for now. On your vehicle, this box here will come with two-sided tape. You can put on the box, make sure the surface is clean, put it there. This one, I'd say, put it right there. It has tabs to drill, take some self-tappers. You can get them at Advance or any kind of automotive store. This one, the same deal, has two holes. You can get some self-tappers, run them in, and then bolt these down.Once you get that all bolted down, then you're gonna wanna start doing your wiring. Now, earlier, I showed you the blue connector that we put onto our turn signals, and these are our spades that come with our two wires that got to go to each turn signal. So I've already crimped and put our connectors on. I'm gonna fish these over, one goes to one side, the other goes to the other side. And then you're gonna have these two black connectors that come out of the box.One's gonna plug into the connector that we fished through. I have them both fished through on both sides, and then the other one will connect to that. And then we'll run our hot and black wire. So I'll start connecting this, and then we'll go and I'll show you how to fish your red and hot wire to your battery.So now that I hooked our two connectors up here, like I said before, you're gonna mount your boxes. I ran my yellow wire over and plugged it into our connector over there at our turn signal. I'm gonna clean some of the wiring up here real quick and just tie it fast to this one. Use a wire tie. That way, we don't have wires hanging down.I just wanna make sure that nothing gets pinched when we go to put this back in, so I'm tucking it in place so it's out of sight. You can use as many wire ties as you want to make it as clean as you want. I'm gonna do the same on the other side. Take this wire, tie the extra back up. End up tying it back to our other wire that goes to the headlight. Make sure we tuck it so it doesn't get pinched.So now we have that done, we're gonna run our power to our battery. There's a wiring harness that goes through right here by the radiator. I'm gonna fish this through, pull it from the other side. And now we'll fish this and run this up along nicely, and hook that up to our battery. So now I fished my red and hot wire up and brought it up real nice, I'm gonna put it through the cover here. Install my ground on this terminal here, install my hot in the hot post. Start my 10 millimeters.Now we got all our wiring finished, we'll put our battery cover back on in place. Now we can start installing our front bumper. Now we'll reinstall our bumper cover, get it up into place. It's gonna sit on the clips and the little pins that it has. Once we get it to that point, we'll start installing our sides, then we'll do our bottom, and then we'll do our top. Now that we got our front sitting on, we're going to install our side. This pretty much just pushes into place.Now remember, on your vehicle, there's a 10-millimeter up in here. You're gonna wanna replace that. Ours is missing, so I'm not gonna replace it. You're gonna push your panel back in here. Install your push clips into your inner wheel well to hold that in place. Install your bottom one, and then you have one in here. And once you get those three back in, you just wanna make sure it pops in just like that.Again, your car will have a 10-millimeter here, ours doesn't, that will hold this in place. Now you just wanna repeat the same procedure on the other side.Now we're gonna install our splash shield. We're gonna have to get it up into place, feed it underneath our front air dam. Now, on our Mustang, we're missing a lot of clips and screws, but I'm gonna put back in what I took out. If you've never had yours off, you probably have all your clips. I'm gonna start with our push pins on the side to hold it in place.I'm gonna start some of our screws back in place where they were. Once I get everything started, we will run it in with our gun. I'll start some of the front ones that have clips in them. So take my gun. Once I have them all run in, our splash guard is on. Now we'll work on the top.Now that we have our bottom buttoned up, we'll install our 7-millimeter on the side here. Now you're gonna wanna repeat that same procedure on the other end. Now that we have our two 7 millimeters in there, we're gonna take and put our 8 millimeters up top which will hold our top piece in. I'll use my gun to run them down in. Remember it's plastic, so you don't have to if you do use a gun. Soon it stops, you stop.Now that we have that on, we'll install our rad support cover. Now we'll install our rad support cover, set it down in place, put our push pins back in. Now that's in place, bumper's back on, headlights are in, that wraps up this install.Okay, guys, I'm gonna show you how the Bluetooth app works and the functions of this app towards our headlights. I'm gonna be able to turn them on right with my phone, just like that. And then I'm gonna be able to go change the colors just by using the phone and the dial on the app. We'll be able to turn and adjust the brightness and the speed and I'll show you some modes.We'll go into some modes now. And you'll be able to touch screen and just touch them and change them as you're sitting. If you're at a car show and you wanna change whatever the headlights are doing, the functions are, I think, there's almost like 200 different modes you can go in to change things on this. As you're changing the mode, you can also change the speed, the brightness. You can change the color. It's pretty crazy how much you can do with this app with these headlights.So once you have the app downloaded, this is the screen that's gonna come up on your phone. You're gonna be able to change the brightness of the lights by your phone, the speed just by touching it. You're gonna be able to put it into solid colors if you just want a solid color. You're gonna be able to adjust that color right here by spinning the circle around. And then you can go into your modes. Your modes are so many to change the different settings of how these headlights and what look you're gonna get if you're at a car show and you wanna just do it while you're sitting. You're able to just keep hitting and changing modes until you find one you like. It's a really cool app.That wraps up this review and install of our Oracle Headlight Assembly/Pre-Assembled Headlights, Dynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A Black Edition for '15 to '17 Mustangs. Thanks for watching, and for all things Mustang, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Advanced Pre-Assembled Headlights
      • Delivers Powerful Brilliance
      • Features ColorSHIFT Halos
      • Heavy-Duty Matte Black Housings
      • Complies with the SAE Standards
      • Plug-and-Play for Safe and Simple Installation
      • Sold as a Pair, Driver and Passenger Side Included
      • Fits 2015-2017 Mustangs and 2018-2022 GT350 and GT500 Mustangs


      Innovative Pre-Assembled LED Headlights. Make your Mustang look even more impressive with these Black Edition Dynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A Headlights. It equips your performance car with dynamic tri-bar DRL technology, dynamic halos, and demon eyes, and sequential flow turn signals. These headlights also feature mobile phone connectivity, so you can put on an impressive light show with these headlights at the push of a button on your mobile phone.

      Advanced LED Technology. These Pre-Assembled Headlights are powered by advanced LED technology. They feature high-quality LED bulbs that are specially engineered to emit remarkable brightness that you can rely on for thousands of hours.

      Heavy-Duty Construction. These Pre-Assembled Headlights are protected by heavy-duty housings with a corrosion-proof matte black powder-coated finish. These are specially designed to protect the LED bulbs and electronics against heat, moisture, and debris.

      Plug-and-Play Design for Simple Installation. These Pre-Assembled Headlights come with a plug-and-play design. They quickly install without the need for special modifications. This lets you quickly get back on the road with a more stunning-looking performance car than before.

      SAE-Compliant. These Pre-Assembled Headlights are SAE-compliant. They are safe for on or off-road use. Please note, however, that their ColorSHIFT feature is not approved for street use.

      Application. This set of Black Edition Dynamic ColorSHIFT RGB+A Headlights are designed to fit 2015-2017 Mustangs as well as the 2018-2022 GT350 and GT500 Mustangs.



      Oracle 8199-332

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Driver Side Headlight
      • (1) Passenger Side Headlight
      • (1) ColorSHIFT RGB Controller
      • (1) Installation Instruction

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