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How to Install PaceSetter Black Long Tube Headers on Your 1979-1993 5.0L Mustang

Installation Time

1 days

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1. Disconnect the vehicle's battery. Raise the vehicle and support it firmly on jack stands or ramps.
2. Remove air cleaner assembly. Remove smog pump hoses and vacuum actuator valves. Unbolt and remove dipstick housing from engine block. Unbolt and remove stock catalytic converter "H" pipe assembly.. Unbolt and remove exhaust manifolds.
3. Ensure that the cylinder head is clean and free of any grease, rust, or gasket material.
4. Remove 02 sensors from stock "H" pipe and check fit into new headers. The headers may need to have the 02 sensors drilled out, do this now. Do not permanently install sensors until after the headers are installed.
5. Unbolt steering column fiber wobble plate from steering box and remove lower steering column shaft. NOTE: Carefully mark steering column, wobble plate, and steering box bracket to ensure proper realignment when re-installing.
6. Install drivers side header from beneath vehicle. With new gasket in place, bolt header to head using new bolts provided. Install all bolts before tightening any of them.
7. Unbolt and remove starter. Unbolt passenger side motor mount from engine block. Using a engine hoist or a floor jack under the transmission bell housing, jack the motor up approximately 1.5". Install passenger side header from above vehicle. Ensure that the header is clear of all obstructions, and lower the motor. Install starter and thermal sleeve over primary starter wire, using sleeve and clamps provided. Install motor mount and bolt. With a new gasket in place, fasten header to head using the new bolts provided. Be sure all bolts are installed before tightening. Torque header bolts to 25 ft. lbs.
8. Install 02 sensors into headers.
NOTE: If the 82-1111 offroad "H" pipes are not to be used, fabrication of the stock catalytic converter Hpipe assembly will need to be modified to fit the new headers.
9. Remove jack stands or ramps, and lower the vehicle. Start engine and check for exhaust leaks. Retorque and re-tighten fasteners as required.
NOTE: Check and re-tighten all fasteners and clamps after a few days of operation and thereafter on a periodic basis.

Header Kit Contents
I-Drivers side header
I-Passengers side header
2-Header gasket
I 6-3/8"-16xl" header bolts
I-Thermal wrap
2-Hose clamps