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Pedal Commander Parts

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Pedal Commander Parts

Pedal Commander Throttle Controller

With so many different possible upgrades available for your sports car it’s up to you to determine what is most important to you. American Muscle offers a huge selection of enhancements and aftermarket components for you to choose from. Each of these parts is carefully designed to make installation simple and to provide a reliable fit on the right vehicle. When you’re trying to improve the experience of driving your vehicle as much as possible, there are major upgrades, such as Pedal Commander throttle response controllers that you can invest in. These specialized controllers give you the ability to adjust the throttle response of your vehicle in different ways. There are other upgrade possibilities, such as tuner modules you can add to your vehicle as well. It’s important to learn about the different options that are available and how yo ucan use them to take your vehicle to the next level overall.

Customize Your Throttle Response

What many drivers don’t realize is that the power of their car’s engine doesn’t matter as much as they think it does. The throttle response of the engine and the accelerator pedal have a huge impact on how the vehicle feels to drive around. If you take control of the throttle response on your vehicle and modify it to fit your driving style more closely, you’ll transform the way it feels to drive your vehicle even if you don’t enhance your engine in any way. Pedal Commander offers simple modules that give you enhanced control over the way your pedal responds when you step down on the accelerator. Add a throttle control module to your car and:

  • customize the way your pedal feels
  • choose different driving profiles
  • improve fuel economy in everyday driving conditions
  • enhance the perceived power of your ride

These special modules allow you to elimate the drive-by-wire pedal delay that you’ll normally get that gives your ride a sluggish feeling. The module also allows you to choose between four different response presets, including Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+ so you can change how your vehicle feels to drive depending on your mood and your driving conditions. Each of the different custom settings also can be adjusted further with eight different sensitivity levels. These highly customizable modules make it simple for you to improve the feel of the throttle on your vehicle when you’re driving around.

Simple Pedal Commander Installation

This tuner kit can be connected via Bluetooth for the greatest level of convenience. When installed you can use a remote controller to adjust the settings of your throttle enhancement so you can easily adjust everything to your liking. Pedal Commander offers simple products to install into your vehicle. They are designed to be plug and play so you can quickly add them to your vehicle without going through difficult steps. These products are compatible with most OBDII aftermarket programmers and can be used with your existing components and products. These affordable upgrades give you more control over your pedal feel and allow you to customize your vehicle to drive exactly how you want it to. There are many different aftermarket upgrades you can make to your vehicle, and a throttle tuner is just one of them. If you want to drive faster, or improve the drive feel of your car, adding this throttle tuner is a simple way to do that. You could also invest in different tuner upgrades for more control over the performance of your vehicle. Consider the different tires and other aftermarket parts available on the market today, and use that selection to help yo get the vehicle that you really want.