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Pypes Polished 304 Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers ('96-'04 GT) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

1 days

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required


1. Raise and support the vehicle on jack stands or a lift. Remember to block or chock the rear tires.

2. Disconnect the negative (-) cable from the battery.

3. Label and remove the spark plug wires. Be careful as the rubber boot may have seized to the spark plug itself. Gently twist the boot until it breaks free.

4. Make sure to remove any debris which may have gathered near the exhaust ports.

5. Soak all necessary bolts with penetrating oil to allow for easy removal. Be careful, old and rusty manifold bolts break easily. Removing them from the head is no walk in the park.

6. Unbolt the motor mounts as jacking or lifting of the engine may be necessary.

7. Removal of the front rim/tire may help gain access to lower header bolts.

8. Dip stick tube removal may be necessary on some applications

9. Unbolt the factory h-pipe from the factory manifold and the factory cat-back. Disconnect the O2 sensor wiring and remove the h-pipe.

10. The driver’s side is no different. Loosen the 2 18mm nuts and bolts just like the driver side. The only difference at least for my car is the bolt that mounts the control arm to the body is kind of tough to get at. This is where the swivel socket and 4” extension comes in handy.

11. Place the socket and extension between the exhaust and the body.

12. Unbolt and remove the driver and passenger side factory manifolds. Removal of AIR or EGR accessories may be necessary on some applications.

13. Clean and prep the gasket mounting surface for the new headers.

14. When installing your new headers, snug the bolts starting from the center working your way to each end in a crisscross pattern. Finish by tightening all the bolts using the same method. It’s always good to use anti-seize compound when installing header bolts.

15. Unbolt steering rack from the frame. Disconnect the steering shaft from the rack..

16. Motor mount unbolting will be necessary.

17. Jacking or lifting of the engine will be necessary.

18. Remove the starter and reinstall once the passenger side header is installed.

19. Make sure to reconnect and tighten any battery cables, motor mounts, steering racks, steering shaft, intake tubes, or strut tower braces.

20. Make sure all hoses and wiring is clear from the header tubes.

21. Reinstall you H-pipe. Properly seat the ball and sockets and tighten.

Installation instructions provided by Pypes Performance Exhausts