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How to Install Pypes Pype-Bomb Axle-Back Exhaust on your 2011-2013 V6 Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Socket wrench w/ extension
  • 13mm socket (used for all)
  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Hack saw
American Muscle
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Stock Exhaust Removal:

1. Start by jacking rear of car up so that you may move comfortably under the car
2. Locate the clamp holding the stock axel-back mufflers to the over axel pipes (see photo)

3. Loosen bolt on the clamp using 13mm socket, extension useful here
4. You will need to saw the tab that is welded to the clamp which holds the stock exhaust to the clamp (the clamp will be reused on the aftermarket exhaust, thus the need to disconnect from stock exhaust

  • Photo shows tab already cut and loosened, tab shown between two fingers at top right of photo

5. After clamp is free from stock exhaust, loosen bolt so that muffler can be removed
6. Mufflers can be removed by maneuvering exhaust out of the rubber hanger mounts but may be easier to install your new exhaust by removing rubber hanger assembly completely (see photo)

  • Front rubber hanger mount, 13mm used for both (other bolt not pictured)

  • Rear rubber hanger mount bolt, 13mm used for both (other bolt not pictured)

7. Make sure to remove rubber hanger mounts from stock muffler and re-attach to the Pype bomb exhaust.

  • Stock muffler with rubber hanger mounts still attached, clamp removed

Pype-bomb installation:
1. Rubber hanger mounts are now attached to the Pype-bomb exhaust, this is done with mounts off the car because of the exhaust hangers on the Pype-Bomb exhaust being much longer than the stock mufflers (see photo)

  • 2. After putting rubber hanger mounts on Pype-Bomb exhaust, maneuver exhaust into place to re-attach rubber hanger mounts to the rear end of the car.

(Photo shown with mounts on new exhaust)

  • Rear rubber mount bolts

  • Front rubber mount bolts

3. Put exhaust clamp onto the new axel-back and attach bolt.
4. Tighten down snuggly but not tight so that you can adjust how the exhaust sits in the rear bumper cut outs.
- This may require an additional set of eyes to line up the exhaust as desired.

5. After adjusting the exhaust, tighten bolt using 13mm socket

Install complete, enjoy the deep exhaust note of your new Pypes Pype-Bomb exhaust!

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