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How to Install a 6 Bolt Flywheel on Your 1996-1998 and 2001-2010 Mustang GT

Installation Time

4 hours

Tools Required
  • 13mm Wrench
  • 15mm Wrench
  • 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm sockets
  • Swivel socket
  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Torque Wrench
  • Pilot bearing removal tool w/ slide hammer
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1.Raise your vehicle up onto jack stands so all the wheels are off the ground. Disconnect your negative battery cable with your 10mm wrench.

2. Remove your shifter boot retainer from inside the car by removing the (4) 8mm bolts. Then remove your shifter base bolts by removing another (4) 10mm bolts that hold it to your transmission. Removing the shifter will help when removing the transmission.

3. From under your car, remove the (4) 12mm bolts that hold your driveshaft to your rear with a 12mm wrench.

4. Once all bolts are removed, slide your driveshaft toward the rear and remove it from the transmission.

5. Remove your mid pipe by unbolting the (8) 15mm bolts with either a ratchet or wrench (whatever may be easier to use for your particular exhaust) that connect to each of your headers and flow tubes. Disconnect all oxygen sensors and remove your mid pipe.

6. Now you have a clear view of the transmission to remove it.

7. Unbolt the transmission mount from the cross member by removing the (2) 18mm bolts.

8. Jack up the transmission to support the weight because you will be removing the cross member.

9. Remove the transmission cross member by unbolting the 13mm bolt on each end of the cross member. Be sure to support the rear of your transmission before you completely remove the cross member.

10. Disconnect the backup light by pulling it off the sensor.

11. Remove the speed sensor by removing the one bolt with a 10mm socket and pulling it out.

12. Remove the clutch cable dust shield by unbolting the 8mm nut and sliding it out.

13. Push the clutch fork toward the front of the car and slide the cable off the fork. Then remove the little c-clip against the transmission wall and slide the clutch cable out of the transmission hole so it is free hanging and not connected to anything.

14. Pull off any push pins holding the wiring harness to transmission and let the harness hang off to the side.

15. Unbolt your starter by removing the (3) 13mm bolts holding it to your transmission. You may need to access these bolts from the front of the car rather than by the transmission. Then remove the (7) 15mm bolts that hold your transmission to your engine; there are (2) bolts on the passenger side, (3) bolts on the driver side and (2) bolts on the top. To reach the top bolts, allow your engine and transmission to sag down a little and use a swivel socket. Once all bolts are out, slide the transmission straight back until it is out of the pilot bearing and then lower it down.

16. Once your transmission has been removed, your clutch and flywheel are revealed. Wedge something such as a flat head screw driver in your flywheel to stop everything from spinning, then remove the (6) 12mm bolts holding the clutch to the flywheel. Loosen these bolts in a star pattern evenly to release any pressure. Remove the pressure plate and clutch disc.

17. Remove your flywheel by unbolting the (6) 17mm bolts that hold it to your engine. You will need to wedge something like a flat head against your flywheel to stop it from spinning as you unbolt it.

18. You may want to replace your pilot bearing at this time. If you do, you will need a special pilot bearing removal tool that can be rented from your local auto parts store. If removed, reinstall your new pilot bearing by lightly hammering it back into place.

19. Install your new flywheel by reinstalling the (6) 17mm bolts removed earlier; be sure to use Loctite on these bolts. Torque bolts to 59-64 ft/lbs. You will need to install (3) dowel pins on your flywheel by hammering them on; these are used to line up your clutch.

20. Place you clutch disc and pressure plate on to your flywheel. Use your alignment tool to hold the clutch in place as you line it up with the bolts on the flywheel. It’s always a good idea to install a new clutch and flywheel at the same time.

21. Be sure the clutch goes through all (3) dowel pins on the flywheel and everything is aligned before you tighten the (6) 12mm bolts completely. Torque bolts to 30 ft/lbs.

22. Now you can reinstall your transmission. Lift up your transmission and slide it into place in to the clutch; it should go in smoothly so do not force it in. Reinstall your starter with the (3) 13mm bolts removed earlier.

23. Reinstall the (7) 15mm bolts holding the transmission to the engine.

24. Reinstall your clutch cable on your transmission by pulling it through the transmission wall onto your clutch fork. Put the c-clip back on where the cable goes through the transmission.

25. Attach the clutch cable dust shield with the 8mm bolt removed earlier.

26. Connect the vehicle speed sensor with the 10mm bolt removed prior.

27. Reconnect the backup light into its sensor.

28. Reinstall your transmission cross member into place with the same (2) 13mm bolts as before and then install your transmission mount to your cross member with (2) more 18mm nuts.

29. Slide your driveshaft back into place in your transmission and then install the (4) 12mm bolts removed earlier with a wrench.

30. Reconnect your mid pipe to your headers and flow tubes with the (8) 15mm bolts you removed. At this point, reconnect everything on your harness by plugging it back in; this includes all your oxygen sensors.

31. Now from inside your car, reinstall your shifter by bolting on the (4) 10mm bolts removed before.

32. Reinstall your boot retainer with the (4) 8mm bolts and slide your shifter bezel over the shifter. Screw on your shift knob.

33. Your install is now complete! Start your car and take it for a drive to ensure everything is working properly. Try not to beat on your transmission for at least 500 miles to properly break in your clutch. Enjoy your new Flywheel!

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Anthony Bragg 4.18.12

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