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How to Install RTR Tactical Performance Panhard Bar to a Mustang– Adjustable

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Jack / Jack Stands
  • Wheel Chocks (or similar)
  • Ratchet ½ in. Drive
  • 18mm Socket
American Muscle
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Preparation: 1. First clear a workspace for your Mustang, and place the wheel chocks on the front wheels. 2. Jack up your Mustang and place jack stands on rear pinch welds.

Removal and Installation 3. Locate the stock Panhard bar underneath your Mustang, and the two bolts that hold it in place. 



4. Remove the two bolts using the Ratchet and 18mm socket, no second wrench is required due to the bolts having locking tabs. 5. Remove the passenger side of the Panhard bar first (may require a pry bar and penetrating oil to ease removal).

6. The Panhard bar should then pull straight out from the driver’s side mount. *Before installing the RTR Tactical Performance Panhard Bar, place it next to the stock panhard bar to match the length as close as you can* 

*Adjust the RTR Panhard bar by loosening the two locking bolts and rotating the center adjustment bar*

7. Place the new RTR Panhard bar into the driver’s side mount and insert the bolt and locking tab nut to hold in place.

8. Place the RTR Panhard bar into the passenger side mount and insert the bolt and locking tab nut. 

9. Tighten the two mounting bolts to 129 lb/ft using the torque wrench. -You are now ready to adjust the rear axle so that it is centered underneath your Mustang, the instructional video provided by is a great guide. Items you will need for adjustment:

  • String
  • 2x Metal Washer
  • Tape Measure

10. Once the rear axle is aligned properly, tighten the locking bolts on the Panhard bar to ensure the adjustment holds.

11. Make sure all tools and other items are clear of your Mustang before removing the Jack Stands and lowering the vehicle. 



12. You are now ready to lower your Mustang and hit the streets with your new RTR Tactical Performance Panhard bar.

Instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Brennan B. 6/2/2016

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