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S550 Mustang Louvers Explained

S550 Mustang Louvers Explained

Few things in life are more attractive than a good looking Mustang with a set of window louvers—a retro look that began with the Mustang’s of the 1960’s and still looks good today. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about S550 window louvers.

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Giving your Mustang a unique look is essentially in the rule book of Mustang owners. Whether it's a sleek, blacked out look you're after, or an aggressive, Shelby inspired build, make your Mustang yours.

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Window Louvers on Early Mustangs

Window louvers have been a popular design trend on the Mustang since the glory days of the 1960s. Mustangs like the 1967 Shelby GT500 and other early Shelby models introduced the quarter window louver, giving the Shelby models a slightly wider and more intimidating stance. 

A few years later, the 1969 and 1970 Mach 1 Mustang started the trend of rear window louvers which made the Mach 1’s look sleek and like they were speeding—even while sitting still. Decades later these design cues are still popular with today’s owners, keeping louvers as an often-picked exterior mod.

2015 Mustang MMD ABS Rear Window Louver
MMD ABS Rear Window Louver

The Two Types: Quarter Window and Rear Window Louvers

When people talk about Mustang louvers they are talking about one of two types of louvers: quarter window louvers or rear window louvers. Quarter window louvers are defined by how they block out the quarter window with either a scoop design or a panel/cover design. Rear window louvers cover the rear window, slightly obstructing visibility, with a shuttered design that leaves space in between each shutter to see out.

Adding louvers to your Mustang is a easy and effective mod that comes with a range of benefits such as:

  • Blocking out sunlight
  • Calling attention to the bodylines
  • Creating a custom look
2015 Mustang Cervini's Quarter Window Louver
Cervini Quarter Window Louver with Aluminum Rear Window Louver

Quarter Window Louvers

Quarter window louvers add a sleek look to your Mustang by eliminating the quarter window with either a color matched panel or scoop. You can also black out the window for a more aggressive look. Quarter window louvers are easy to install since most, if not all, use double sided 3M automotive tape. Some designs may require you to drill into the body, but this is really uncommon. Double sided 3M tape is incredibly effective for mounting quarter window louvers and will last the life of your car if applied properly. 

There are multiple S550 Mustang quarter window louvers available in the aftermarket. You can choose designs from Roush, MMD by Foose, Cervini’s, Street Scene, and more. Visibility out of your quarter windows after installation is typically little to none, but in reality you can’t see much out of them to begin with.

2015 Mustang Street Scene Quarter Window Louver
Street Scene Quarter Window Louver

Rear Window Louvers

Made iconic by the early 1960s and 70s Mach 1 Mustangs, rear window Mustang louvers are an incredible look for the S550. Rear window louvers are fairly easy to install and involve using 3M automotive tape, a special adhesive, and mounting brackets, providing a firm and secure fit that is sure to stay on, even when you are flying down the road.

Rear window louvers do not completely block your rear window visibility; you are still able to see out of the rear window with good visibility. Rear window louvers can be removed with ease if you ever need to clean or get to your rear window.

2015 Mustang MMD ABS Rear Window Louver
MMD ABS Window Louver
Fitment includes: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, GT, V6, EcoBoost, ShelbyGT350