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Spec Clutches & Parts

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Spec Clutches & Parts

Prepare your manual vehicle for intense driving demands by adding a Spec clutch to your ride. These performance clutches are meant for racing conditions and for handling vehicles with high levels of torque and power. Whether you’re upgrading your vehicle using an engine swap, a turbocharger, or a supercharger, or you just want to improve the shift feel in your ride and speed upshifts a bit, you can attain all of those improvements and more with the right clutch kit. A clutch kit includes friction plates, hubs, and more. Some also include the flywheel that will help keep things running properly, and it’s up to you to decide what sort of improvements you want to make to your existing clutch and then make the changes that meet your needs best overall.

Why a Spec Clutch?

Spec clutches are known for their impressive performance characteristics and for their grippy and lightweight feel when driving. Most of these clutches have a higher number of splines than stock clutches do. These products are made from much more durable and lightweight materials as well. By combining lightweight and strong materials together; the clutches shift faster and more reliably at the same time. This is a powerful performance gain for most race cars, and it’s the type of improvement you may want for your ride over time when you get sick of shifts failing or feeling poor. Add a Spec clutch and:

  • Speed up shift times
  • Reduce clutch wear over time
  • Improve the grip of your clutch
  • Enjoy a more stable shift feel
  • Prepare your car for high-performance racing

The clutch kits from Spec are split into several different stages, and you will have to consider which of the stages is best for you. A Stage 1 kit is similar to a stock clutch and won’t offer any significant performance gains over the regular equipment. These parts are still often made from durable components, but they are designed to function in the same way as other clutches that come with your manual car. When you look at Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 5 clutch kits, you have more upgrades to look at, and you’ll get to see how the clutches are designed more and more for track drivers and why they aren’t always optimal for casual drivers. If you want to make your manual car faster, or you want to change how it feels to drive, you can accomplish those goals and more by installing a Spec clutch on your ride. You have many different options to consider, and you’ll have to figure out if a new clutch is the right upgrade for you or if you should be looking at something else instead. With so many different enhancements available from American Muscle to choose from, you can make your car stand out and drive at a higher level. You’ll enjoy faster shifts and better performance gains overall with a clutch modification.

Why a Spec Clutch Should be One of Many Upgrades

A Spec Clutch makes an excellent enhancement to most manual vehicles, but it’s just the first of several upgrades that you should make to your ride. Along with adding on an improved clutch, you should look at different short-throw shifters as well. These will allow you to change gears more rapidly and get more performance from your vehicle. You could also swap the foot peddles in your car for more comfortable options and even change your steering wheel for a more racing-inspired model. There are many performance improvements available at American Muscle that you can add to your car to make it more capable overall. Consider adding some or all of them to your ride to make it stand out and to help it perform better overall.