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Stack Racing V6 Cold Air Intake ('05-'09 V6) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
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1. Disconnect the battery. Remove the factory intake and air box.

2. Remove the two screws retaining the MAF sensor with T20 Torx tool supplied and carefully remove the MAF sensor.

3. Install the supplied rubber mount on to the heat shield using one each of the supplied washers and locknuts. Install the rubber edge trim around the pipe opening as shown.

4. Install the heat shield into the engine carefully sliding it under the AC lines and aligning the two mounting arms with the holes in the fender and upper ABS mount. Secure using the previously removed bolt for the ABS housing and supplied M6 bolt and washer. For non-ABS vehicles use and supplied M8 washer, bolt and nut in area circled above.

5. Install the lower heat shield mount by using the previously removed lower ABS mount bolt. Use the supplied M6 bolt, nut, and washer to secure the lower mount to the heat shield. For non-ABS vehicles use supplied M8 washer, bolt and nut in area circled above.

6. Plug the ABS wiring harness that was removed in Step 4 back into the ABS control module.

7. Check to be sure that the intake pipe is clear from debris. Install the MAF Sensor using the supplied mounting screws. Use Caution to avoid damaging the o-ring.

8. Install the supplied adapter hose onto the throttle body as shown using the hose clamp.

9. Align the mounting bracket with the rubber mount on the heat shield. Install the washer and nut onto the rubber mount. Leave slightly loose for adjustment.

10. Attach the stock plastic breather hose by pushing it over the aluminum nipple on the intake pipe until it snaps into place.

11. Install the air filter on to the end of the inlet tube. Push the filter over the inlet pipe until the stop in the filter is reached. Then install one hose clamp to secure the filter onto the inlet pipe.

12. Cut electrical tape to locate MAF sensor wires.

13. Pull MAF sensor plug towards MAF sensor.

14. Place factory silt covering over wires as indicated in the picture above.

15. Place supplied slit covering over remaining two wires as indicated in the picture above.

16. Wrap factory slit covering with electrical tape to secure wires from potential damage.

17. Wrap slit covering with electrical tape to secure wires.

18. Plug MAF sensor into the pipe.

19. Reconnect the battery. Start the car and check for any signs of leaks.

Installation instructions provided by Stack Racing

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