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Steeda Sport Shifter ('05-'09 GT & V6) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required


Preparing Car for Shifter Replacement:

1. In order to access the shifter the car must be placed on jack stands or on a car lift. If you are using jack stand, be sure that the car is on solid level ground before attempting this procedure.

Removing the Shifter:

1. From inside the car unscrew the shift knob counterclockwise and remove the leather boot. The boot can be removed by carefully prying the front edge up with your fingers and sliding it off the shift lever. Set it aside as it is to be installed on new shifter. Make sure the transmission is in neutral.

2. To remove the shifter you will need to loosen and remove the four driveshaft bolts.Mark the bolt holes on both the driveshaft flange and the transmission flange to insure exact location when reinstalling the driveshaft.As this is a two-piece shaft, you need to remove the bolts on the driveshaft center mount. Some cars have shims between the center mount and the chassis. Be sure to note this and mark any shims to insure they are reinstalled in their original location. Failure to do this could cause the driveshaft to vibrate.

3. Remove the nut that secures the factory shift rod to the shift lever. Pull the shift rod out and let it hang out of the way. Picture 1.

4. Remove the bolt that attaches the shifter arm to the transmission.Picture2

5. Remove the two nuts that attach the rear shifter mount to the chassis just above the driveshaft flange on the transmission. Remove the shifter from the car.

6. Carefully remove the rubber boot from the factory shifter and set aside.Picture3

Modifying the Factory Shifter:

1. Use a Dremel or grinder to grind the edges of the retaining flange on the factory shifter. This is necessary to expedite the disassembly of the shifter.Pic4

2. Pry the top flange off the factory shifter and discard.Pic5

3. Remove the shift lever, ball socket and rubber boot by pulling the assembly out of the top of the base.

4. Remove the rubber boot and plastic ball socket from the O.E. shifter if you are reusing them.

5. Install the rubber boot onto the new short-throw lever. Take care not to tear the boot when installing it. Grease the lever ball and install the plastic ball socket onto the new lever. Pull the rubber boot over the plastic socket and set aside.Pic6 &7

6. Clean the shifter cavity in the factory base and lubricate with a light grease or WD-40.Pic8

7. Insert the enclosed spacer into the shifter cavity of the factory shifter base with the rounded edge in first.Pic9Tap or press the spacer into the shifter cavity until it bottoms out in the cavity. This will be a tight fit so expect some difficulty in driving the spacer fully in.Pic10

8. Insert the new shift lever assembly from Step 5 into the shifter cavity so that it bottoms onto the top of the spacer installed in the previous step.Pic11

9. Install the Stop Plate onto the base assembly from the previous step. It is necessary to squeeze the Stop Plate onto the base and screw in the four set screw to secure the plate,Lock Tight is strongly recommended.Take care to align the top so the lever stops are in line with the centerline of the base.Pic12

Installing the Steeda Economy Shifter

1. Fit the newly assembled Economy shifter into the opening in the chassis and attach the transmission arm to the transmission using the factory bolt.

2. Attach the rear of the shifter to the factory studs on the chassis using the nuts.

3. Insert the factory shift rod bushings into the new shift lever and re-attach the shift rod using the factory nut. The wider side should be placed towards the driver’s side of the vehicle.

4. SET THE SHIFTER STOPS as follows.Make sure all adjustments are done at this time. From inside the car you must adjust the shifter stops:

5. Back off the stop bolts so that the shifter moves freely into all gears.

6. Place the shifter in 3rd gear and thread the stop bolt towards the shift lever until it contacts the shift lever.

7. Once the stop bolt contacts the shift lever, back off the bolt 1/4 to 1/2 turn, until there is a small air gap (about.015") between the shift lever and the stop.

8. Hold the bolt with a 1/2" wrench while tightening the jam nut against the shifter top with another wrench.

9. Double check the space between the shift lever and the stop bolt.When you push hard on the shift lever it should contact the stop bolt, but when you let go of the lever it should snap away and not touch the bolt. There must be a small air gap between them.

10. Place the shifter in second gear and adjust the other stop bolt using the same procedure explained in Step 9.

11. Shift the shifter through all gears and double check the stop clearance in each gear.The shifter must beable to shift freely into all gears and rest in gear without interference from the stop bolts. Makeany adjustments necessary to provide the correct gap as noted in Step 7.

12. After all stops are set you will need to remove the shifter and install the rubber factory boot that was removed, by stretching it over the shifter base.

13. Reinstall the Economy Short-Throw Shifter following Steps 1, 2 & 3. At this time check all bolts to insure they are tightened securely.

14. When re-install the shift boot make sure you slide the provided Nylon washer down the shift lever and then stretch the boot around it to seal it at the top,Pic13.Important:Alwaysuse an anti-seize compound on the threadswhen installing an aluminum shift knob onto the Steeda shift handle.

Installation instructions provided by Steeda

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