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Turbosmart Parts

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Turbosmart Parts

Turbosmart BOV

Get more out of your turbocharger by installing a boost controller from Turbosmart. A boost controller is a powerful upgrade that allows you to adjust the amount of boost your turbocharger makes. There are manual controllers and electronic controllers and both options offer benefits when compared to a turbocharger that only uses a wastegate. If you're looking for a way to tune up your vehicle you should consider utilizing a boost controller along with other vital upgrades, such as performance fuel injectors, intake components, and more.

Optimize Your Turbocharged Engine Using Boost Controllers

Turbochargers can offer impressive performance gains to your vehicle, but they come with several serious downsides when they aren't configured properly. A basic turbo is designed to deliver the same amount of boost all the time. The trouble with that design is that providing a constant amount of boost isn't the most effective way to generate more power or to create an enjoyable driving experience. This is why it makes sense to consider Turbosmart boost controllers. These specialized manual or electronic controllers give you more control over the amount of boost your turbo is outputting. The devices enable you to take control of how the turbo interacts with the wastegate so you can produce more or less boost throughout the RPM range. The boost controllers can support up to 60 PSI of boost pressure and they deliver on-demand boost adjustments. The kits are designed to monitor RPMs and to work with the current engine output to make it as powerful and capable as possible. Add Turbosmart equipment to your car and:

  • take control over your turbochargers boost output
  • increase your car's speed significantly
  • reduce turbo lag issues
  • create a more dynamic system
  • customize the drive feel of your car

The products are designed from billet aluminum and built with rugged components that help them hold up to hard use. Major components come with a 12-month limited warranty ensuring reliability. The boost controllers help improve turbo performance up to 800 RPMs for better power bands overall. Get the most from your turbocharged engine with a boost controller modification. It's important to note that you should pair boost controllers with all the necessary upgrades to your engine, including an improved fuel pump and fuel injectors to ensure your engine isn't running lean. Working with a professional tuner can help you get the right upgrades to bring out the greatest level of power from your vehicle. You'll be amazed by how much-added power and performance you can achieve with a few select fuel and engine upgrades added to your vehicle.

Quickly Install with Minimal Modifications

Equipment from Turbosmart is simple to install and can be put on with few modifications and basic tools. The boost controllers don't require any specialized fabrication work and they are designed to interface with a range of turbochargers to help you fit the new upgrade to your system. Installation is expected to take approximately one hour for a new boost controller. All the necessary hoses and fittings are included in the box, along with an eBoost solenoid and in-depth instructions. Turbochargers dramatically increase the power output of a stock engine, especially when used on an already capable muscle car. If you're going to use a turbocharger, you might as well use boost controllers, enhanced intake components and other upgrades to your vehicle as well. Work with a professional to help you determine which parts to obtain from American Muscle and you'll achieve impressive results. Adding high-quality aftermarket upgrades to your ride is the fastest way to transform your vehicle.