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How to Install a Raxiom OEM Style Fog Light Kit on your 2010-2012 Mustang V6

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Shirt or rag
  • Short flathead screwdriver
  • Long flathead screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Razor
  • Long zip ties
  • Electrical tape
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Installation Instructions:
1. Raise the car on a ramp or ledge
2. Wrap the flathead screwdriver in the shirt or rag and gently pry the inside of the bezels.
3. Remove the splashguard by crawling underneath the car and removing the (9) screws holding it in. You will need to use a 7mm socket wrench.
4. While under the car, slide the fog light into the designated area and align it with the holes. Only 3 of the provided screws will be used to hold it in. Hand tighten the screws, and then screw them in with the short flathead screwdriver. Repeat on the other side.

5. Install the new bezels by putting the outside end in first then snapping the inside in.

Wiring in the Engine Bay:
1. Open the hood of the car and prop it up. Make sure the car is turned off with the windows down.
2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal with the adjustable wrench. Make sure the cable is completely disconnected and is not touching the battery in any way.

3. Take off the black panel covering the front of the engine bay by removing the 8 plastic pins that hold it down with the screwdriver. Pry on the top of the pin first then pry underneath the head of it.
4. Open the fuse box, which is located in front of the battery.
5. Use the 7mm socket wrench to take off the bolt in the top right corner which holds down the power supply cable. Attach the orange ring terminal to the post and attach the bolt tightly.

6. On the lid of the fuse box there is a diagram of the fuse numbers. Disconnect number 39 and insert the tan fuse with the bronze tap post on the side closest to the front of the car.
7. Attach the short red wire protruding from the wiring harness into the bronze post on the fuse.
8. Using a 10mm socket wrench, disconnect the ground cable closest to the center of the car and attach the black cable to it. Retighten the bolt.

9. Route the wires for the closest fog light and drop it down to the fog lights and plug it in the bottom. Route the wiring harness long the existing tube to bring it to the other side of the car. Drop the other wire down the side to plug into the fog light.

10.Continue the remaining wires along the driver side fender until you reach the firewall.
11.Cut an X in the grommet with the razor. Push about a foot of the wire through the hole.

Install the Switch in the Cabin:
1. With the flathead screwdriver wrapped in the shirt or rag, pry open the switch panel from the top left corner. Do not rip it off; just loosen it.
2. Pry open the dash panel (located beneath the switch panel) on the upper left side.

3. Behind the dash panel there is a tab with a screw on the end of it. Take out the screw. This will allow for the removal of the switch panel.
4. Take out the switch panel and unplug the headlight plug behind the headlight switch. You unplug it by pushing down the three tabs along the base.
5. Put the new switch in place of the other one by pushing it in until it snaps.
6. Unwrap about 4 inches of electrical tape holding the bundle of wires that plug into the headlamp switch together.

7. Find pin 5 (a gray wire with a purple stripe). Put the wire between the teeth of the red wiretap to it and make sure it snaps shut. Plug the blue wire from the wiring harness into the wiretap.

8. Find the tan wire with the yellow stripe and tap that with the other red wiretap. Plug the red wire from the wiring harness into it.
9. Plug the headlamp switch wiring into the new switch and reinstall the panel back into the dash by putting it back into the hole and screwing it back in with the screw behind the dash panel you removed earlier. Make sure the dash panel snaps back into place.

Finishing up:
1. Reconnect the negative battery cable and retighten the bolt.
2. Start the car and test out the lights to make sure everything is working, including the fog lights. To use the fog lights pull the knob outwards, and to use the automatic lights put it to the light bulb with the “A” in it. The other positions are the same as factory.

3. Using the zip ties and electrical tape, secure all of the wires in the engine bay and check that they don’t rattle.

4. Replace the radiator cover by putting the tabs back in it.
5. Take the car for a ride and listen for rattling.
6. At nighttime, drive your car 10 feet from a wall and ensure the fog lights are level. If there is an issue, reach behind the fog lights and adjust them using the knob on the back of the bulb.
7. Replace the splashguard and enjoy your new fog lights!

Problem Guide
• Fog lights will not turn on
1. Make sure the car is on. The fog lights will not turn on if the car is off.
2. Check the ground cable is tightened.
3. Check the ring terminal in the fuse box.
4. Check the blue fuse and make sure it did not blow.
5. Make sure the wires that plug into the wiretaps are in the correct one.
• Fog light indicator will not turn on
1. Make sure the wires that plug into the wiretaps are in the correct one and the clasp on the wiretaps are completely shut
2. Check the tan fuse and ensure it has not been blown.
• The fog lights make a click when they turn on and off
1. This is completely normal

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2010, 2011, 2012 and Submodels: V6