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How to Install a ZEX Universal Programmable TPS Switch on Your 1979-2012 Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

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The electronics in the ZEX Programmable TPS Switch will handle up to 10 Amps of current per blue wire. As an option, these two blue wire leads may be connected together to create a single wire lead that can handle up to 20 Amps. If the current requirements of your particular application require a greater current capacity than these two options, you must use an external relay to avoid burning out the electronics in the Programmable TPS Module.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Mount the ZEX™ TPS switch in a convenient location.

Step 2: Connect the RED wire from the ZEX™ TPS Switch to a switched 12 volt DC power source. This is typically the nitrous arming switch.

Step 3: Connect the BLACK wire to a solid ground.

Step 4: Connect the WHITE wire to the voltage output lead on your vehicle’s TPS sensor.

Step 5: There are two blue wires remaining. They provide the ground switching circuit to both the fuel and nitrous solenoids. Refer to the wiring diagram to ensure that the solenoids are wired correctly. It is recommended, for wet nitrous systems, that you leave the fuel solenoid wire disconnected until after the TPS learn procedure, in step 6, has been completed. This ensures that fuel will not be sprayed into the engine during the programming process.

Step 6: Once you have completed the wiring of the ZEX™ Programmable TPS switch, the final step is to program the unit. To program the switch, turn the vehicle’s ignition on, but do not start the engine. Turn the nitrous arming switch to the "ON" position. Go to the ZEX™ TPS switch and locate the programming button on the top of the housing. Depress, then release, the push-button switch. Observe the units Operation Light. At this point, it should be RED. This RED light informs you that the unit is in learn mode. Return to the driver’s seat and depress the accelerator pedal to the floor, holding it there for ten seconds. Release the accelerator pedal and go back to the TPS switch and observe the Operation Light. At this point, the light should be flashing continuously from RED to GREEN to OFF. This is the TPS switch’s way of telling you that it has successfully learned the voltage curve of your engine’s throttle position sensor. Go back to the driver’s compartment and turn off the nitrous system’s arming switch, then turn it back on. Go back to the TPS switch and observe the Operation Light. It should be solid GREEN at this point. This informs you that the system is armed and ready to activate at wide-open throttle. Return to the driver’s seat and depress and release the accelerator pedal several times. You should hear the solenoid click each time you reach wide-open throttle. At this point, your ZEX™ Programmable TPS switch is fully programmed and ready for use. If you ever transfer your nitrous system to another vehicle, perform this same procedure on the new vehicle to "relearn" the TPS switch.

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