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2005-2009 V6 Mustang Upper Billet Grille Installation Guide

Tools Required
  • Small regular flat screwdriver
  • Long flat screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 5/16" socket and ratchet
  • 5/16" open end wrench.
  • Soft towel or blanket (optional)
  • roll of painters tape (optional)
American Muscle
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Prior to installation, open the hood and prop it up securely. This will give you access to the radiator cover that needs to be removed before installation.

  1. The first step would be to remove the grille from the box and inspect it for damage or missing parts. If there are any problems stop here and call American Muscle before proceeding.
  2. To remove the radiator cover you need to remove the 6 plastic clips that hold it into place.

3.To remove these clips, use the small flat head screwdriver to gently pop up the button on the clips. When the center pin is out, use the small screwdriver to remove the rest of the clip. Be careful to not break these because they need to be re-used after the grille is installed.

4. Once all 6 clips are removed the radiator cover will slip out easily to allow access to the rear portion of the grille.

5. After removing the radiator cover, the chrome pony emblem needs to be removed from the stock grille. To do this the four small metal clips that hold it in will need to be forced off the back of the pony emblem. Then the pony will slip out of the grille. Be extremely careful or the plastic prongs on the emblem can/will break. If you are not going to re-use the emblem it is not a big deal. But if you have other plans for it take some extra time on the removal.

6. The next step (optional) is to use a towel or blanket and some painters tape to protect your front bumper from scratches when installing the new grille over top the old one. Take the towel or blanket and put it over the front bumper and tape it in place to the bottom part of the grille covering the entire painted surface.

7. Next you need to get your new Mustang Grill ready for installation. Remove the machine screws, washers, attachment hooks and locknuts out of the parts package.

8. If you purchased a Tri-bar Pony or Cobra emblem (sold separately) to put on the grille now is a good time to install it because you will not have access to the back of the billet grille after installation is complete.

9. Place a machine screw into the hole in the front of the grille pushing it all the way through the mounting hole. When you have it through the hole place one of the attachment hooks on the end and then a washer and lastly the locking nut. Repeat this step for all 4 mounting holes.Note:this step is to be done before trying to mount the new grille over lay to the stock honeycomb grille.

10. When you have all the attachment hooks installed on the grille you may want to ask a friend to help you hold the grille in place.

11. To get the hooks pushed through the honeycomb portion of the grille, use your long screwdriver to get them pushed through and hooked onto the backside of the grille. The two top hooks need to be pointing down and hook to the bottom of the honeycomb.

12. The two lower hooks face up and attach to the top of the honeycomb.

13. When you have all 4 of the hooks in place take your Phillips screwdriver and the ratchet with the 5/16" socket on it to tighten each machine screw. This step is best done with help having one person on the outside using the screwdriver and the other holding the ratchet in place.

                                     DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!

14. Once you are done tightening the machine screws to hold the new grille in place, the next step will be to re-install the radiator cover. First place the radiator cover back on the car and make sure all 6 holes are properly lined up before you start to re-install the original factory clips. To install the clips place the bottom portion back in the hole without the center pin. Once the clips are in place push the center pin locks down into place.

15. Now just remove the towel or blanket close your hood and enjoy your new stylish billet Mustang grille.

Finished Installation.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Sam Vastano

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and Submodels: Bullitt, V6, GT

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