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GT500 Dead Pedal Cover Installation Guide (2005+)

Installation Time

15 minutes

Tools Required
  • 13mm Open End Wrench
American Muscle
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1. Locate the plastic push screw on the left side panel of the driver’s side foot well. It is just to the left of the pedals (yellow arrow).. 

2. Carefully remove the screw by pulling it straight out of the panel. (Note: It may be necessary to use 2 flat blade screw drivers to remove it without breaking it. You can also use the flat bracket of the dead pedal as a ‘wrench’ to pull the screw out cleanly.)

3. Pull the sill plate (bottom arrows) up so that it hangs loose. It is not necessary to completely remove the plate. (Note: The sill is attached to the body with tape; completely removing it would require the additional purchase of automotive tape.)

4. Next, pry the plastic trim away from the door area; you will hear it unsnapping. Pull it around the hood release and take it off.

5. Lift up the carpet and in the bottom left corner will be a bolt (yellow arrow). Use a 13mm open end wrench to loosen it. (Note: The bolt may have paint around the head making it difficult to remove.) Loosen the bolt just enough to slide the bracket of the dead pedal behind it and the washer. Again, it is not necessary to remove the bolt from the body.

6. Note: If the pedal does not sit almost flush with the existing footrest area, use a grinder or file to remove the sharp corner of the pedal (blue arrow) to give it sufficient clearance for the floor pan. **There does need to be enough space for the carpet to slide back under, so don’t get carried away!** If you do grind down the pedal, do it in small amounts and retest the fit every time.

As you can see, the bottom of the pedal may scrape the floor pan, making the install more difficult.

7. Make sure that as you tighten the bolt, the pedal stays more or less parallel to the floor and that none of the wires are being crushed under the pedal. Tighten the bolt firmly to prevent the pedal from slipping or coming loose.

8. Push the carpet back under the pedal, making sure that the carpet is lying flat against the floor, and that there are no ‘bubbles’ in the carpet.

9. Replace the plastic cover and make sure door sill is tightly back in place. If the panel is loose, double check the clips to make sure they are lined up properly. It might be a good idea to leave the plastic screw out until you are completely satisfied with the installation of the pedal.

10. Congratulations on the GT500 Dead Pedal Install! Consider a set of GT500 pedals to finish off the look!

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Peter Lazaravich 12.5.08

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