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Project MMD: 2014 GT Build

2014 GT Mustang Fitted with MMD Parts.JPG

Table of Contents
  1. Episode 1 of Project MMD
  2. Stage 1 Project MMD Mods
  3. Stage 2 of Project MMD
  4. Stage 2 Project MMD Mods
  5. Stage 3 of Project MMD
  6. Stage 3 Project MMD Mods

Episode 1 of Project MMD

Stage 1 Project MMD Mods

What's going on, guys? Justin with I'm really excited to be bringing you something a little different. Now, of course, you've seen all of our builds in the past, our bolt-on builds, our project cars, and all that fun stuff, but what we're really excited about is this, this 2014 GT that we're building up with MMD.

You've heard me talk about MMD. Obviously, they make a ton of cool appearance parts for all the late-model Mustangs, use them on all of our project cars, really cool stuff. So, with that being said, they're going to handle the show side of things, and and the BAMA Performance team are going to handle the go side of things, and create a car unlike anything we've ever built before, using some parts we've never used before on any of our project cars.

Now, the coolest part is, we're going to reveal this thing for the very first time at the 2013 SEMA Show out in Las Vegas this November, which, by the way, is only a few weeks away. As you can see, we already started, so let's get the car inside. I want to show you guys what we've been working on.

All right, guys, like I was saying outside, we wanted to make this build different from the rest. Now, when we got it, very nice Oxford white color, but anybody can go out and buy an Oxford white Mustang. It's not exactly unique, so we figured the biggest way to change up the entire look of the car is to wrap this thing from head to toe, as you can see, in this very unique matte white vinyl, and we threw in a black Boss-style roof decal just to break up the white a little bit. Now, the car definitely stands out, and I think it's totally unique.

Even though those factory Brembo wheels are pretty cool, we can't be sending this thing out to Vegas on some stock wheels and tires. So, we went ahead and selected these Forgestar F14 20-inch wheels in this very cool textured matte black finish. Now, of course, you know Forgestar. They make some real dope stuff. F14s are probably my favorite wheel, by far. Just that multi-spoke mesh design looks so damn good on these newer cars. Nitto Invo tires on these wheels, 20 by 9 up front. Check these guys out. Massive 20 by 11s in the rear. Look at that rear dish, man, very sick stuff. And most importantly, it's going to allow us to run some serious meat out back, very important when we do start adding some power down the road.

All right, guys, the last part I want to show you here today, definitely one of the coolest things we have going on with the MMD car. And honestly, I think you guys are really going to dig it, so check this out. All right, guys, as you can see, we went next level and installed the Air Lift Performance digital air ride setup, arguably one of the nicer suspension setups available for these late-model S197s, really nothing quite like it out there. Now, before you rush judgment, not the same suspension you see on many trucks and those '64 Impalas in the rap videos. State-of-the-art system here that rides on sport-designed shocks and struts, fully adjustable, in addition to those air bellows or bags. Now, those bags allow for up to 5 inches of height adjustability on the fly. Thanks to the digital controller, we can ride at stock height, maybe a little lower when we're cruising, and then absolutely slam this thing, like it is now, whenever we get to our show.

All right, guys, that's all we have for you for now, but only being three parts in, I think it's safe to say we're well on our way to building a ridiculous street car. Now, SEMA's only a few weeks away, so MMD's going to really step up their game and take this thing to the next level. So, be sure to stay tuned for that and the rest of Project MMD's road to SEMA.

Stage 2 of Project MMD

Stage 2 Project MMD Mods

Hey, what's going on, everybody? Justin with along with Project MMD. Now just to bring you all up to speed we are working with MMD. Thanks, man. Hence the name of course to create a ridiculous show car that's also gonna have plenty of go under the hood and eventually this thing is gonna debut at the SEMA Show at in Las Vegas this November. Of course we are working with MMD on this project. You all know them. You've probably seen more of their popular parts in some of our past builds in addition to some new stuff you might be seeing for the first time here on the '14. Now when we left you last time we had the matte white vinyl done, we did the 20 inch Forgestars and of course that sick airlift performance kit but now it's MDD's turn. This stage is gonna be all about the appearance. Ryan and I are gonna get to work installing these parts and see this thing take shape.

First up we got a new part from MMD, their rear Ducktail Spoiler and Ryan's just finishing up with a relatively new part, the GT350 Style Quarter Window Covers. Both parts are Shelby inspired, the ducktail being more of a '67 to '69 throwback part whereas those quarter window covers are a more recent Shelby design debuting on the very unique 2011 GT350. Both parts of course did receive the same matte white vinyl that the rest of the car received and you'll see that most of the parts from MMD we are installing today did receive that same matte white vinyl. You see me talk about MMD a lot. I mean, their parts install easily. For instance, the quarter window covers there literally slapped right on thanks to the 3M tape and the spoiler here installs using the existing holes left by our factory spoiler. This is gonna make our lives a lot easier as we get Project MMD ready for Vegas.

So Ryan and I just finished up with all the MMD parts back here. They look great. I mean, the spoiler, the taillight trim. But it's still lacking a little something in our opinion. Now of course we've got the black [inaudible 00:01:51] roof decal, the textured matte black Forgestars. So we got to thinking, why is this thing still gloss black? Why don't we go ahead and experiment a little bit with some Plasti Dip. If you guys don't know what that is, literally something you can spray on, take it right off if you don't like it and the coolest thing is it actually gives you that textured matte black look. So Ryan and I are gonna yank out this deck lid panel. We're gonna take it out back, spray it down with a few coats and see how it turns out.

All right, guys. I'm just finishing up my first coat here with the Plasti Dip. I mean, like I said earlier, it goes on easy. If you hate it you can literally just peel it right off so there's nothing permanent about it. We put a few coats on it, stuck it back on the Project MMD and I actually think it turned out great.

Heading up to the front of the car you'll see old favorites like the Side Scoops and MMD's retro style mirrors which do a great job of breaking up the white a little bit and flow nicely with the black roof and of course those black 20 inch Forgestars. But it's what we're working on in the front of the car that I'm really excited about. We have MMD's brand new Hood Scoop fitting all 2013 and newer Mustangs and it's already become a huge hit with a lot of owners out there. Now MMD did design this scoop to work very well visually with the factory hood vents and my personal favorite thing about this scoop is that when you're behind the wheel looking out over the hood you see the scoop kind of rising from the hood. You just get the impression that man, this thing looks really tough.

All right, so rounding out the list of parts up front here, we have MMD's Boss Style Fog Delete Kit which Ryan and I already installed. Just have to pop the bumper off to get those in just to remove the factory fog lights from the GT but simple mod and again it just gives us that Boss flavor which I love.

Another cool part that we're installing right now is the GTR inspired Headlight Splitters here from MMD. And I think this works really well in the front end of these '13 and '14s and let me show you why. Now if you see down here the factory bumper has this kind of built in splitter already which does split up this opening here and the MMD splitter in my opinion works very well with that. So altogether a great part and these did get the matte white treatment just like the hood scoop. So very cool stuff all around. Now before we get out of here let's head to the interior because there's one more thing I wanna show you.

Check this out. Now the exterior vinyl wrap turned out so damn good we figured we apply that same thinking to the interior and install this 3M textured carbon fiber dash overlay kit. Now the textured finish gives it a little bit more character and it just looks like a factory installed part. A great way to darken up some of the silver in these newer interiors and honestly it's very reminiscent of the later California Specials which I for one really like.

Well, the MMD car is finally living up to its name thanks of course to all of the sick parts from MMD. Like we said from the beginning, MMD was gonna handle the show. Now it's our turn, AmericanMuscle to handle the go. The next time you see this car we'll be at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas where I'll unveil all the stuff we did under the hood to make Project MMD the total package. So stay tuned and we'll see you in Vegas.

Stage 3 of Project MMD

Stage 3 Project MMD Mods

Justin: Hey, what's going on, everybody? Justin with As you can see out in Las Vegas with the MMD car for the big reveal and final stage of the build. Now cruising the Strip right now in this car is really just an amazing feeling. The car looks awesome, sounds incredible. It's just basically turning heads and breaking necks all up and down the Strip. Feels right at home here underneath the big lights and everything Las Vegas.

Now we traveled over 2,000 miles to reveal this car at this year's SEMA Show and I have to say the car is definitely ready for the big event. MMD really stepped up their game and gave us some great parts for stage two along with the matte white vinyl wrap job, the 20 inch Forgestars and the Air Lift Performance kit we added in stage one. But like I told you guys back at the shop, it was up to us, and the BAMA Performance Team to make sure this thing was more than just a pretty show car and that's exactly what we did. So I'm gonna get this thing into the convention center onto the show floor and I'll tell you guys about some of the big power adders we did here in stage three.

Well, guys. We made it. The car is on the floor here at the SEMA Show. It looks great under the lights and in Forgestar's booth and it's among some pretty cool company as well. But I'll tell you what. Let's cut right to the chase and show you some of the big mods we did here in stage three.

In order to give Project MMD enough power to back up the show car looks we had to do something pretty big and that's exactly what we did. We went with Vortech's Centrifugal Blower Kit available for all 2011 and newer Mustangs but not just any Vortech kit. We went with their Black 20th Anniversary Edition Kit and just looks amazing under the hood of Project MMD. The kit is based around this V-3 Si-Trim compressor and at the moment's pushing a pretty conservative seven or eight pounds of boost but of course there's always room to grow with a quick change of the pulley. Complementing the Vortech I installed the JLT Air Box Replacement Intake which did get rid of that factory restrictive airbox and replaced it with this massive power stack filter. Now this might actually give us a little bit more boost, about a pound, pound and a half or so and the best part is it was designed to work specifically with this Vortech blower. But regardless it's just gonna make sure we're breathing a lot better on the top end.

I'm here with Mister RTR himself, my man Vaughn Gittin Jr. What's going on, dude?

Vaughn: Going on, man. Good to see you.

Justin: Good to see you. Did you get a chance to check out our MMD car we brought?

Vaughn: I did.

Justin: Nice. What'd you think?

Vaughn: It's pretty sick, man. I really like the ducktail and I see you guys have...

Justin: The Air Lift.

Vaughn: ...bags on it. It's dope.

Justin: All right, guys. And the next part I'm about to show you something I'm really excited about, something we've never used before on any of our project car builds and I want you guys to see it. So check this out. We decided to install the Snow Performance Water-Meth Kit here on the Project MMD. Now the job of a kit like this is help to reduce the temperatures of the combustion chamber preventing any detonation and lowering our intake air temperatures which is always big on a forced induction car. Now another nice thing about this is it's gonna allow us to safely run more ignition timing and a little bit more boost while using pump gas, so we don't have to go to C16 race gas or E85 to achieve bigger numbers. Very important part when we do decide to swap out those pulleys later on and go for really big numbers.

All right, guys. That's gonna do it for some of the big power adders but we did do a lot of cool stuff underneath the car which obviously you can't see now but we do have some great footage of it from back at the shop. Ryan and I installed the Driveshaft Shop's Carbon Fiber One Piece Driveshaft just for a little added insurance when we do start really beating on this car later on and it's just a great product. A lot lighter, a lot stronger than our factory two piece driveshaft. This next part is totally custom and there's a few different things to it so I'll explain all of them to you. First up we knew we wanted a Boss exhaust for this car the moment it took shape so that's exactly what we did. We threw a Boss mid pipe on it. We got the really cool side exhaust which you can't see now of course because the car's so low but you can see it on the footage and it just sounds amazing. Dumps the exhaust right here in front of the rear tire, loud, obnoxious, it's great. Coming off the Boss mid pipe, Ryan and I actually had to get a little custom and I'll explain why in a minute. But right off the mid pipe what we have going for us now, we fabbed up two four inch shorty bullet mufflers and two turndowns that do dump the exhaust right beneath the rear axle and paired with the Boss exhaust just sound so loud, so angry and in your face. Basically everything we wanted for the MMD car. But now let me show you why we had to do that. Come on back.

This is why Ryan and I had to get custom with our exhaust. Check this thing out, man. This is MMD's prototype exhaust delete panel that they built specifically for the MMD car here at SEMA. Now obviously it deletes the exhaust, makes it just a much cleaner look back here and basically just totally sets this thing apart from the rest. Now they're actually gonna build this panel for your Mustang but they are gonna include cutouts so you're not gonna have to worry about getting crazy with the exhaust. But for the purposes of our car just really looks killer back here. But that wasn't it. They also threw this prototype deck lid panel at us as well. Very Mach 1 inspired. Looks really cool on this car and this part with this part, I mean, it just sets it off.

I'm back here with Evan, Muscle Mustangs Fast Fords.

Evan: What's up, man?

Justin: With the MMD car. Man, what do you think of this bad boy?

Evan: Overall I love the package, you know. I'm always...we're looking for stuff that's different and this car is different, it's unique but it's also classy.

Justin: All right, guys. With all the power adders on, of course all the appearance mods done, it's time to talk numbers. Like we told you from the beginning it was up to us, and the BAMA Performance Team to give this thing enough power to back up these good looks and that's exactly what we did. Now the BAMA Performance Team stepped in. Mike J and his crew wrote a tune for this thing, put down 589 and 480 at the rear wheels. Enough to basically just incinerate the tires first through fourth gear.

Brian: I absolutely love it. This car is sick. I've always loved white cars and this is very cool.

Justin: Now it is still a conservative tune at about eight pounds of boost so we definitely have room to grow if we do wanna swap that pulley out later on and have a little bit more fun.

Well, that's gonna do it for the third and final stage of Project MMD here at SEMA. Now obviously MMD stepped up, made this thing look sick here at the show. We stepped up, made sure it had plenty of power under the hood. It's been a lot of fun building a car using the road a little less traveled for us. I mean, Air Lift Performance kit, the matte white vinyl, some stuff we never really done before and it's been a lot of fun. I've had a lot of fun driving this thing all around Vegas from the bright lights of the Strip to the beautiful Red Rock Conservation Center and it's been a heck of a trip all around. So we hope you guys have enjoyed watching the Project MMD's road to SEMA.