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How to install 3-Light LED Tail Lights on your 1999-2004 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Trip Pad Remover
  • 11mm Box Wrench
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
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1. (4) plastic clips location

2. Remove the (4) plastic clips

3. Remove the plastic moulding

4. Remove the plastic flat head clip

5. Remove the rear trunk liner

6. Remove the side trunk liner

7. (4) 11mm nuts location

8. Remove the (4) 11mm nuts

9. Remove the taillight

10. Remove the light harness and the bulbs

11. Leave the reverse light bulb in the socket

please see the " L.E.D. taillights installation instruction" If your ta illights doo·t have L. E.D. You can skip the installation instruction.

12. Plug the taillight hamess into the LED tail tight

13. Plug the taillight hamess into the LED taillight

14. Plug the taillight hamess into the LED taillight

15. Place the LED taillight into the stock location

16. tighten the (4) 11mm nuts

17. Replace the side truck liner

18. Replace the rear trunk liner

19. Tighten the plastic flat head clip

20. Replace the plastic molding and secure it with the (4) plastic clips

21. Please repestthe steps in order from 1 to 20 for the opposite side

22. The installation is now complete