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Mustang Halo Fog Lights ('05-'09 GT) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • Metric Socket Set
  • A Set of Wire Connectors
  • Philips Screw Driver
  • Flathead Screw Driver
  • Car Ramps (recommended)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Wire Cutters
  • Extra Electrical Wire (Approx. 5 ft)
American Muscle
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Preparing the Wires

‚Äč1. Group the three ground (black) wires together.

2. Strip the ends of each of the three ground wires and twist the exposed wires together.

3. Insert the group of wires into a wire connecter found at any local hardware store.

4. Group the two white wires that will power the halo together.

5. Strip the ends of the two white wires and twist together the exposed wires.

6. Insert the two wires into a wire connector. (The use of pull apart connectors are recommended)

7. Strip the remaining white wire that will power the actual fog light bulb.

8. Insert the wire into a wire connector.

Installation of New Bulbs

1. If you purchased a set of new bulbs from American Muscle, here is the installation procedure.

2. While in the preparation stage, twist the bulb holder until the tabs line up with the cut outs on the fogs.

3. Carefully pull the bulb out of the fog.

4. Remove the existing bulb.

5. Without touching the glass of the new bulb, insert the new bulb into the holder.

6. Reinsert the bulb and holder into the fog, twisting until the bulb is securely held in.


1. Unplug the ground to the battery for safety purposes.

2. Remove the radiator cover by removing the push pin holders.

3. Unscrew the two bolts at the ends of the grill which secure the bumper and the grille.

4. Carefully remove the grille from the bumper by pushing on the tabs.

5. Unscrew the existing fog lights from the grille.

6. Screw in the new Angle Eye Fogs.

7. Cut the wires that power the fog light bulbs. You will have a black wire (ground) and a red wire (power).

8. Strip the black wire and insert the exposed wire into the wire connector used for the ground wires in the preparation stage. Once all the black wires are secured into the single connector, wrap in electrical tape to ensure safety and durability.

9. Strip the red wire that powers the fogs and insert it into the connector used in the preparation stage for the single white wire that will power the main fog light. Once again, wrap in electrical tape.

10. The tricky part. This step will be completed more easily if the car is parked securely on car ramps. While underneath the car, find the parking light bulb. Remove the parking light bulb and cut away the tape that secures the three parking light wires together.

11. One wire, the black one, will be the ground so leave it alone.

12. Cut the other two wires and use a voltage meter to determine which wire powers the parking light. Turn the parking light on, and if the voltage meter shows power, you have chosen the right wire. The middle wire was the parking light wire on my vehicle, but may or may not be on all mustangs.

13. If you cut the wrong wire, strip both ends of the cut wire and reconnect using a wire connector. Wrap in electrical tape.

14. The wire that powers the parking light is needed to power the halo. Once the wire is cut, strip both ends. Insert one end into a wire connector.

15. Using an extra wire purchased from a local automotive store, strip one end of wire. Take the exposed wire and wrap around the exposed wire from the striped end of the parking light wire.

16. Insert the two wires into the wire connector used in Step 14. Once secured, wrap in electrical tape.

17. Run the extra wire from the parking light up to the grill where the fog lights rest. Be careful to avoid any sharp or potentially hot points that could break the wire. If possible, run along side of existing wires.

18. Cut off any extra wire and strip the end of the wire. Insert the wire into the connector used to secure the two white wires in the preparation stage. Once secured, wrap in electrical tape.

19. Reinsert the grill into to the bumper.

20. Secure the bumper with the two bolts removed earlier.

21. Reinstall the radiator cover.

22. Connect the Battery.

23. Congratulations, you now have your very own set of Angle Eye Fogs from American Muscle.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Houston Ludwig 3.23.09

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