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BBK Cold Air Intake ('94-'04 GT, V6 & Cobra) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

American Muscle
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  1. Remove the entire stock air inlet system from the vehicle by simply unclamping at the throttle body and removing the bolt attaching the air box to the inner fender well area. Disconnect all hoses, wiring, etc., and then tug upwards firmly on the air box to disengage from the rubber grommet in the frame rail.
    Note:Rubber grommets will sometimes stay attached to the bottom of the stock air box, be sure to remove them and reinstall into the frame rail.
  2. Remove the mass-air sensor from the air filter box and attach to the new filter mount using the supplied bolts and nuts (4) with the electrical plug portion at the top.
    Note:On most models the air box will need to be disassembled in order to allow access to mass-air flow sensor. The air box will come apart approximately 3 in. down from where the throttle body inlet hose attaches to the air box.
  3. Attach the 2 supplied grommet studs to the fender Filter mount with supplied hardware; the studs must be facing downward to slip into the rubber grommets in the frame rail. (See Diagram)
    Note:Some models come with a large rubber grommet and separate 3-1/2" dia. tube assembly. If so install the large grommet into the corresponding hole in the fender well bracket, lightly oil the grommet inside diameter and carefully slide the 3-1/2" tube through the grommet.

  1. Install the assembled filter mount into the vehicle by pressing the aluminum studs firmly into the grommets on the frame rail then attach at the grommet on the inner fender well using stock hardware.
  2. Slide the appropriate sized tube coupler over the mass-air sensor and attach with the supplied hose clamp.
  3. Slide the other tube coupler over the throttle body end of the inlet tube with supplied clamps and install between the throttle body and mass-air sensor, align the tube while tightening hose clamps. (On some models, the coupler attached to the mass-air sensor will be larger than the inlet tube; this coupler is designed to clamp down more than usual and will provide a smooth transition from the mass-air to the inlet tube.)
  4. Attach all tubes, wiring, etc., to the new inlet tube (some models will have hose supplied to adapt the OEM hoses).
  5. Install filter from under the fender and clamp tightly into position.
    Note:Filter will not fit through the opening in the engine compartment; therefore it must be installed from underneath the fender.

Installation instructions provided by BBK

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