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Mirror Control Knob Installation Guide ('05-'09)

Installation Time

5 minutes

Tools Required
  • A Clip Release Tool
  • Pliers. (These may be used in place of a clip release tool. It is important to note that the clip on the original plastic knob will likely break . This should not be an issue, however, as the old knob will not be reused.)
  • Safety glasses. These are optional, but may be a good idea, since you will be prying on a plastic clip which may break and cause shattered plastic to fly.
American Muscle
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1. With the car parked and the key out of the ignition, turn the original mirror control knob to the neutral position, as in the image below.

2. Use the clip release tool by sliding it behind the original knob, then gently pry to release it. If you choose to use a pair of pliers rather than a clip release tool, simply grab the original knob with the pliers and gently pull straight towards you. You may hear the plastic tab and/or clip break, but this is part of the old knob which will not be reused. The mirror control switch itself should not be affected.

3. It is possible during the removal process that the plastic trim panel, which covers the mirror motor and mounting bolts, will pull free of its mounting tabs. This can be fixed by pushing it straight back into position. You will hear a click when the mounting tabs engage.

4. After removing the stock mirror control knob, you will see the exposed mirror control shaft, as seen in the picture below.

5. Install new mirror control with the center mark centered at the top position. There is a slot on the back of the knob which will aid in the alignment. There will NOT be a noticeable “click” once the new mirror control knob is installed.

6. Here is what the new, aftermarket mirror control knob will look like installed:

7. Test to ensure that the knob was installed properly by turning the knob to the left or right mirror adjustment position and attempt to adjust the mirrors. Once this is done, your installation is complete!

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Ron Babington. 9.2.08

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