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B&M Parts

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B&M Parts

B&M Shifter

Many performance-enhancing upgrades won't make your vehicle feel that much faster or more exciting to drive, because they won't impact the way you interact with your vehicle. That's one reason to invest in shifters, steering wheels, pedals, throttle controllers, and other products that control how your vehicle responds to you when you drive. When you make these upgrades to your system you actually adjust the way it feels to drive while making just slight changes to your car. You can make serious adjustments to the feel of your vehicle by making simple changes, such as investing in products from B&M Shifter to change how it feels to shift your car. The shifters from this company are optimized for high-performance driving situations, and they transform your vehicle to make it feel like a racecar as you drive. This upgrade pairs well with an aftermarket tuner to really transform your car.

Smoother Performance-Focused Shifting

Whether you install a completely new shifter in your car, or you use one of the shifter upgrade kits, you can transform the way it feels to change gears in your vehicle by making simple changes to your vehicle. The ratcheting shifters offered by this company help ensure you don't shift backwards and that you can make rapid shifts throughout the full range of gears available to your vehicle. If you want to race or you want to improve your shift speeds, these lightweight and performance-focused shifters will give you the performance boost your after. Add B&M Shifter components and:

  • smooth your shift performance
  • speed up shifts that you complete
  • improve engine sounds as you drive
  • enhance your ride feel
  • increase acceleration
  • improve the durability of your vehicle

There are also shift improver kits available you can use to level up the shift feel of your vehicle in a major way. These simple kits include different hardware components you can add to the shifter in your vehicle to make strong positive shifts and improve the sound of your engine. The kits help you make the most of your existing shifter without changing the style of your ride significantly. You'll enjoy serious shift improvements to your vehicle by using these powerful kits, and when you add one to your ride you'll immediately notice you can shift faster and more capably than before.

B&M Shifter Components offer Protection and Reliability

By investing in components from B&M Shifter you will increase the strength of your vehicle's drive system and make it more reliable at the same time. The heavy-duty ratcheting shifting hardware is designed for high-performance driving conditions. The shifter upgrade kits feature hardened hardware and components that can withstand high-performance demands better than most other shift equipment can. The company also offers lightweight cast aluminum differential covers that provide superior protection when compared to the stock cover. If you want your vehicle to be more durable and reliable than ever before, upgrading the shifting and drivetrain components on your ride is a quick way to make real improvements. You should also consider investing in synthetic gear oil for your vehicle when changing the differential cover if that's something you're planning on upgrading. American Muscle offers a wide range of different vehicle upgrades for you to choose from. Many of the components from B&M Shifters are simple to install and they offer very real benefits to the drive feel and handling of your vehicle. Upgrade your ride fast and enjoy higher performance output from your ride by making simple changes using parts from American Muscle.