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C&L Cold Air Intake ('96-'98 Cobra) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

American Muscle
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1. To greatly simplify installation it is recommended that you unbolt the three 10 mm Bolts that hold the factory strut tower brace to the strut towers on each side.

2. If you have someone with you, you can simply unbolt the brace on the passenger side only, and they can lift up on that side of the brace while you are inserting the inlet pipe into the hose on the throttle body. If you are alone, you should be able to lift up the brace easily by yourself with the removal of the bolts from both strut tower sides.

3. You must remove the factory inlet tube, MAF unit and air filter assembly. Set these pieces aside as you will later use a couple of the fittings inserted into the stock inlet pipe.

4. Take the supplied silicone hose and clamps off the throttle body side of your new inlet pipe and slide the hose over the throttle body on the engine.

5. Once the hose has been pushed firmly into place, wrap one of the supplied clamps around the hose and tighten it to secure the hose to the throttle body.

6. Then lift up the strut tower brace a little bit to allow you to slide the new inlet pipe under it and slip the end of the inlet pipe into the hose that you have already clamped to the throttle body. (Do not put the second clamp on the hose just yet as you need to be able to move the end of the inlet pipe around for proper fit of the air meter and filter.)

7. If you are running a 9" conical filter like the one that we supply with our MAF systems, then you should be able to insert the air meter and filter into place together by inserting the end of the filter as far forward behind the passenger headlight as you can. This will give you enough room to slide the back of the air meter into the silicone hose at the front of the inlet pipe.

8. You must completely loosen the front clamp on this hose, as it should be a snug fit over the rear of the mass airflow unit.

9. Once the MAF and filter are attached, you can adjust the alignment of the inlet pipe so that there is an even clearance between the top of the pipe and the underside of the strut brace. It should fit perfectly, with no concern about rubbing against anything under the hood.

10. You may now install and tighten the second throttle body clamp and re-attach any air filter heat shield, if necessary.

11. The air temperature sensor is inserted into the stock rubber hose. You must pull it out and insert it into the supplied rubber bushing already installed in the new inlet pipe.

12. The idle air control hose will slip directly over the fitting that is cast into the new inlet pipe.

13. To attach the crankcase vent tube, you must turn the factory vent tube 180 degrees and use the plastic nipple union that joins the hose the stock inlet pipe in the supplied picture.

14. Make sure that the top of the MAF is oriented so that the sensor is pointing somewhere between the 12 and 2 o'clock position.

15. If the sensor is oriented so that the electronics are pointed towards the fender away from the engine, turbulent air could cause a check engine light upon 

Installation instructions provided by C&L

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