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COLD-CASE Radiators Parts

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COLD-CASE Radiators Parts

Cold Case Radiator

Performance car engines require extensive cooling to keep them operating at a reasonable temperature. This is because the more power an engine outputs the more heat it generates as well. That's why it's important to think about the cooling capabilities of your vehicle if you're going to upgrade the engine components of your ride. If you're thinking about adding something like a supercharger or a turbocharger, you should really invest in a better radiator as well. Cold Case Radiator is known for producing efficient radiators that will more effectively cool your car's engine than your stock radiator. If you're worried about your car's engine overheating, or you want to prepare your engine for future upgrades, getting a radiator is an excellent idea.

Lightweight Efficient Cooling

Investing in an upgraded radiator, such as the products offered by Cold Case Radiator enables your vehicle to remain cool during intense performance demands. This is an exciting upgrade that allows you to push the limits of your vehicle more. Upgraded radiators from this company are made from lightweight performance aluminum. The radiator fins transfer heat efficiently because they're exceptionally thin while remaining durable. These radiators are designed with a total of sixteen fins per inch, and they are wider than stock radiators as well. The radiator takes the coolant through a pair of two oversized rows before the coolant reaches the outlet. That means the coolant has more time to release heat from your system so it can cool your engine more effectively. This results in faster temperature reductions in your vehicle, which is vitally important if you're pushing your car to its limits. Invest in an enhanced radiator and:

  • cool your high performance engine faster
  • keep an upgraded engine cool properly
  • protect your car's performance
  • reduce the time your radiator must operate
  • prolong the lifespan of your car's radiator

A Cold Case Radiator enhances the efficiency of your stock radiator, allowing your car's engine to cool off faster than before. The radiator doesn't require a more powerful coolant pump as some performance products do, and it's designed to install easily. If you want your car to remain cool even after you tune up your ride and increase its power, you need to get a good solid radiator upgrade. You'll be impressed by how much more effectively the radiator can handle high temperatures thanks to its superior construction and more streamlined airflow design.

Cold Case Radiator Parts Built for Long Term Use

A good solid radiator will last for many years and won't require replacement. If your stock radiator was damaged during everyday driving you should consider investing in a Cold Case Radiator instead. These products are made from rugged aluminum construction and can withstand harder use without damage. They are made with fully tig welded construction, making them more rigid and durable than stock radiators are. You can count on this product to withstand heavy use without failing, which makes them ideal for high-performance driving situations. Along with enhancing the radiator of your sports car, you should consider improving the tires of your vehicle to help it handle more effectively and to enhance its safety. There are a huge number of upgrades available for muscle cars at American Muscle, and a radiator and a set of tires will help you take control of your ride and drive it more confidently than ever before.