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Americans Excited But Cautious About Flying Cars

By:  American Muscle Staff  / Aug 10 2023
Americans Excited But Cautious About Flying Cars

Driving in the Sky

The concept of flying cars has always seemed like a futuristic fantasy, a staple of science fiction. But how do Americans truly feel about this aerial advancement as we edge closer to making that vision a reality?

At American Trucks, our innate curiosity led us down the road of exploration. Join us on this journey to unveil the nation’s airborne aspirations and see if we’re ready to take to the skies.

Who Wants a Flying Car?

To start our project, we leveraged Google’s vast data troves to identify which states are the most interested in the possibility of flying cars. 

Searches for flying cars in every state

Key Takeaways

  • Colorado is the state most interested in flying cars, with 976 searches per 100,000 residents in the past year.
  • Florida (804) is the second most interested in flying cars, followed by Washington (741) and Nevada (727).
  • Minneapolis, Seattle, and Denver are the cities with the most searches for “flying cars” per 100,000 residents.
  • In July 2023, the FAA approved the testing of Alef Automotive’s Model A flying car. Over the following month, online searches for “flying car” increased by 383% in the U.S.

Public Opinions on Flying Cars

Search volume interest doesn’t necessarily mean a positive opinion of the topic. To find out how Americans actually feel about flying cars, we surveyed 1,004 people.

Infographic What do Americans think of flying cars

Key Takeaways

  • 52% of Americans are interested in purchasing a flying car.
  • Gen Z is most interested, with 61% wanting to own a flying car, while baby boomers are least interested (38%).
  • Only 1 in 4 people are aware of recent developments in the industry. Among them, 35% are interested in buying the Alef Model A.
  • People would be willing to spend an average of $76,239 on a flying car. However, the current pricing for the Model A is $300,000.
  • Toyota, Tesla, and Honda are the auto brands people most want to build flying cars.
  • Americans trust these brands the most to build a flying car:
    • Toyota (43%)
    • Tesla (41%)
    • Honda (33%)
    • BMW (28%)
    • Mercedes-Benz (25%)
  • 73% of people would retake a driver’s license test to fly a car.
  • If necessary, 70% of people are willing to get their drone license in order to operate a flying car.
  • Nearly half of Americans (48%) think flying cars will be more dangerous than current cars, and 47% think seniors should not be allowed to operate flying cars.

Fuel type played a significant role in potential buyers’ decisions, with 40% being dissuaded by gas-powered flying cars. On the other hand, 58% favored electric-powered flying cars, and an equally substantial 60% welcomed hydrogen-fueled models. Comparatively, only 38% of people were interested in a hydrogen-powered non-flying car.

What Will Flying Cars Look Like?

For a dash of imaginative flair, we used Midjourney AI to envision what flying cars built by consumers’ top brands might look like. Flip through to see a glimpse of the future of transportation.


The Future of Personal Transportation

Among the states, Colorado emerged as the most captivated by the concept of flying cars, showcasing a remarkable interest in embracing this futuristic technology. A substantial 52% of respondents expressed a keen desire to purchase a flying car, highlighting a significant market potential for this revolutionary mode of travel.

Our research also revealed that automotive giants Toyota, Tesla, and Honda captured the public’s imagination, emerging as the most desired brands to lead the charge in building flying cars. These findings offer valuable insights into consumer preferences and present a compelling opportunity for these renowned brands to venture into new realms of innovation.


We gathered Google Trends search volume data to find which states searched for “flying cars” the most in the past 12 months. We also surveyed 1,004 Americans to ask them about their opinions and perceptions of flying cars. Finally, we used Midjourney to generate images of what flying cars might look like if popular brands created them.

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