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Forrest '02 GT Coupe

I had been saving for a few years so that I could buy my first car on my own and, when it was time to get my driver’s license, I had decided to buy an automatic 2002 True Blue GT. A year later I wanted to make the move to a 5-speed car and, as long as I had long term goals I knew that it would make for a better platform since I have been racing on dirt for several years. At this point, I felt that I had more control over the manual cars so that’s why I decided to make the move. I had been on the lookout and found this 2002 GT…it was bright and screamed my name all over it. To date I’ve owned a total of three mustangs, two of which are the 2002s and the other one was a 1967 Verte. Currently I am using this as my daily driver, but the plans are to put an IRS into it from a 03-04 Cobra along with a T-56 transmission mated to one of Ford’s New Alluminator engines and some suspension modifications up front to accompany  the new Short long arm setup will be in the rear.



Bama Performance

My love for mustangs started early! Growing up I would always hang out in the garage with my grandfather and would attend car shows with both him and my father. I remember seeing the new edge body style for the first time…and instantly fell in love with them. It was then I told myself that one day I would own a new edge - but preferably a 2004 Mystichrome Cobra or the amazing 2000 Cobra R.