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How to Install Brake Pads Front Pairon your 1987-1993 5.0L Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • 11/16 Socket
  • Socket Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
American Muscle
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Materials in the box:

 Inner and outer brake pads
 lube

Tools Required:

 Floor Jack
 Jake Stands
 11/16 socket
 Socket wrench
 Torque wrench

Installation Instructions:

1. Place the car in park or 1st gear and put the E-brake on.
2. Loosen the lug nuts for the wheels just a little.
3. Using your floor jack lift the car up high enough to have the wheels off the ground and then place the jack stands under the car.
4. Finish removing the lug nuts on the front wheel and take them off.
5. Using an 11/16 socket to remove the two bolts that hold the caliper on.

6. Pull the caliper up and away. Do no pull straight up, but at an angle as it sits on the rotor.

7. You can now pull out the old outside brake pad.

8. The inside brake pad on the piston should come straight out towards you. If it does not come out easily that is because there is not enough room. Use a C-clamp to push the piston back so you can get the brake pad out.

9. Once this is done you can put some lube on the piston to prevent any squeaking sounds, but this is optional.

10. Once you have both pads out you can put the new pads back in.

11. Slide the new pads in the same way the old ones came out. The piston one will move back into the caliper when the new brake pad is applied.

12. Slide the caliper back on to the rotor in the same way you were able to get it off. You might have to give it a little tap to get it in. Make sure to put it back on in the same slight angle you took it off.

13. Slide the bolts back in and torque them to 45 – 65 pounds. (I did in the middle at 55).

14. Put the tire back on and tighten up the nuts.

15. You can now remove the jack stand with the floor jack and let the car back down.

16. When the tires are on the ground you can finish tightening the lug nuts on the wheels.

Installation Instructions Written by AmericanMuscle customer Martin Lecy 04/14/14

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