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How to Use Launch Control in a 2015+ Mustang

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The S550 Mustang is one of the most advanced American cars you can buy for under $50,000 and offers a ton of cool technology features to make your driving experience even better. One of those features available on 2015+ Mustangs is launch control. This guide will go over how to use the launch control feature on a ‘15+ Mustang.

What is Mustang Launch Control?

Launch control on a Mustang is when you set the RPMs to a pre-selected amount so when you hold the clutch in, you can put the throttle to the floor and hold the revs at where you want to launch at. This is an extremely useful tool when it comes to drag racing, but can also be fun for just some good old fashioned hooning, allowing you to experience a whole other side of your Mustang.

The factory launch control is not the same as 2-step launch control, as the factory launch control retards your fuel output; a 2-step box works by retarding your spark. Both options are efficient drag racing tools and will net you similar performance overall.

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Step-by-step: How to Use a 2015+ Mustang's Factory Launch Control

  1. Bring your Mustang to a complete stop
  2. Have the front wheels pointing straight ahead
  3. Make sure nothing is in front of your Mustang, and you are on a closed or private road
  4. Set your Mustang's traction control (TC) to sport mode by hitting the TC button twice, quickly
  5. In your Mustang's center digital gauge, scroll down using the left arrow pad on the steering wheel to the "Track Apps" menu and hit okay
  6. Go down to the fourth option in the menu that says "Launch Control" and hit okay
  7. Hit the okay button when on the "Launch Control" option, you will see the check box get marked and an "LC" symbol appear in the bottom right of the screen
  8. In the same screen, scroll down to the "RPM" option, and hit okay to select what RPM you would like to launch at. Increasing or decreasing in 100 RPM increments, select a value between 3000 and 4500 RPM. At this point, your Mustang is ready to launch.
  9. While the clutch is engaged, put the throttle to the floor; your revs should be holding at the RPM you selected
  10. Dump the clutch when you are ready to go and have fun ripping on your Mustang!

What RPM Should I Set My Launch Control to?

This depends on a few different factors you’ll want to consider. On a non-track prepped (unprepped) surface with street tires, you’ll want to keep the RPMs on the lower end of the spectrum as you will encounter a lot of wheel spin. Launching at or around 3000 to 3500 RPM is about all you’ll want to do. Even if you are launching at the track on street tires, you really won’t want to go too much above 3500 RPMs. 

If you are at the track and running a stickier than stock tire, you will want to launch at a higher RPM, anywhere around 3,800 to the 4,500. Your best bet is to go a test and tune night at your local track and try out a few different RPM launches and see what works best for your setup. Every track is different so this is something that will take some time to learn.

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Mods to Help My Mustang Launch Better

When launching your S550 Mustang, you may run into some issues with wheel hop and getting a rough launch--something that can be avoided with a bit of modding. You'll want to consider the following mods to improve your launches:

  • Vertical links
  • IRS Bushings
  • Rear Toe links
  • Upper Control arms
  • Drag Radials
2015-2017 Mustang with Adjustable Toe Links Installed
Adjustable Toe Link
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