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JLT Performance Ram Air Intake ('03-'04 Mach1) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • 5/16 Nut Driver
  • 10mm Open End Wrench
  • 11mm Open End Wrench
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver


1. Remove your stock intake system from the throttle body to the filter housing.

2. Unbolt your MAF from the filter housing, and install your MAF filter adaptor. Head of bolt toward the filter. There is no gasket for the MAF adaptor as it is perfectly flat. If the factory plastic MAF is warped, a thin layer of sealer will take care of this. You do not reuse the screen. If you want to reuse the screen, longer MAF adaptor bolts will be needed. Clamp the air filter to the adaptor.

3. Install Silicone Spacer onto MAF and then the Silicone Reducer onto the MAF.

4. Using a small amount of soapy water, install the 90° Rubber Elbow onto the JLT pipe closest to the PCV fitting and the MAF/Filter set up on the other end, making it a complete unit. Arrange the elbow and MAF to be close to what will line up in the car. You can make adjustments once in the car. Keep clamps loose, this is where the soapy water will help.

5. Set filter side in behind the headlight area first and install unit onto the throttle body. Twist pipe to align up PCV fitting with PCV hose. Also be sure the MAF top is in its "near stock" position, about 10:00-11:00.

6. Install rubber hose to valve cover. * Note; cut about a V2" off end of hose. Not included but if needed, zip tie the ends for a better fit.

7. Plug in MAF and check all clamps. Make sure clamp doesn't interfere with throttle linkage.

8. Install end of shaker piping into the hole on the heat shield, then bolt onto car and reconnect.

9. Installation is complete. Go back and tighten all your clamps, polish your fingerprints off the paint and hit the track, street and/or dyno.

Installation instructions provided by JLT

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