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Kooks Headers & Parts

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Kooks Headers & Parts

Upgrade your car’s exhaust system as efficiently as possible by investing in Kooks headers first. Headers are an excellent first investment into an exhaust system because they work to reduce backpressure in your system and can help improve engine performance. Backpressure is an effect that hinders your engine’s power output, sometimes in a big way. An improved header can help reduce this issue more than many other exhaust upgrades, which is why different headers are a good first improvement.

How Kooks Headers Boost Vehicle Performance

Kooks headers are carefully designed to allow exhaust to flow as easily as possible. The headers create wider exhaust channels and pipe exhaust fumes through a more efficient pathway than most stock headers can. These slight improvements all come together to help your car eliminate exhaust faster and to generate more power overall. If you’re interested in getting the biggest power increase in your engine from an exhaust upgrade, adding a header is a good investment. Kooks headers improve your vehicle by:

  • improving exhaust flow
  • lowering the back pressure your engine faces
  • mandrel-bent turns
  • improved exhaust sound
  • precise fit
  • stainless steel or aluminum construction

High-quality headers don’t just reduce back pressure in your engine, but some of them can improve the scavenging effect of your exhaust system as well. Kooks headers, in particular, are designed to help improve exhaust scavenging, which means your engine will have a stronger vacuum pulling the fumes out. These mandrel-bent headers are made from durable materials and designed to last. If you get a properly fitted header for your ride, you should see some real benefits by installing it. Make sure you don’t invest in exhaust components that won’t give you major benefits before important components such as headers if you want to enjoy the biggest gains overall.

Maximize Your Power Increase Using Kooks Long Tube Headers

In order to get the best boost in power for your car, you should look at Kooks long tube headers over the standard headers. These products are longer in design and help to improve oxygen flow and power output even more than standard headers do. These parts offer the same benefits as standard upgraded headers from Kooks, but they have a longer set of pipes to help reduce backpressure levels even more. If you’re searching for a product that eliminates back pressure as much as possible for your engine, these headers are an excellent purchase for you to consider. Kooks headers are made from high-quality materials and designed for many years of use. These parts are designed from billet aluminum or stainless steel and designed to prevent issues with corrosion over time. That means that even when you live in a Northern climate or near the sea, your new exhaust components should hold up well over time and perform better than stock pipes. Along with a set of new headers for your ride, there are other serious improvements that you can use to boost the power of your vehicle with a minimal investment. After headers, you should consider adding on other key exhaust components, such as the muffler for the system. Many owners invest in a full exhaust kit in order to maximize their benefits, but if you’re trying to keep your budget as low as possible, you can get most of the performance benefits with just a few exhaust components added to your ride. At American Muscle, we have full sets of exhaust kits or select parts. We also have intake parts, fuel system upgrades, and other engine enhancements so you can raise the power of your ride as much as you like.