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Magnaflow Tru-X X-Pipe (Catted, '05-'09 Mustang GT) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 15mm Deep Well Socket
  • 10mm Deep Well Socket
  • 22mm Box End Wrench
  • 15mm Box End Wrench
  • 6 Extension
  • 3 Extension
  • Jack, and Jack stands
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1. Start by jacking the car up and placing jack stands on both ends of the front crossmember support, not far back on the frame as in the picture above.

2. Disconnect the battery and remove from the engine bay. Once the battery has been removed you will now need to remove the battery box to get to the top O2 sensor/exhaust manifold nut on the passenger side of the car. Top passenger side O2 sensor is green as shown in the picture below.

3. Using a 15 mm deep well socket loosen the clamps connecting the stock H-pipe to the axle back pipes and temporarily slide the clamps off the H-pipe onto the axle back piping.

4. Disconnect the drive side O2 sensor. (You are only required to undo one senor on the driver side of the car do to the fact the other senor is attached to the manifold itself.)

5. Disconnect the passenger side bottom O2 sensor which is located on the side of the transmission.

6. Unbolt the driver side where the H-pipe meets the exhaust manifold using a 15 mm deep well socket.

7. Then unbolt the passenger side where the H-pipe meets the exhaust manifold using 15mm deep well socket, 15 mm box end wrench.( I found it easiest to unbolt the top nut of the H-pipe by using a 15 mm box end wrench from in the engine bay.)

8. With everything disconnected slide the H-pipe off the rubber hanger isolators and pull it out from under the car.

9. Your new X pipe will come as a three piece kit. The Catalytic Converter with the two bungs for the two O2 sensors is your passenger side, and the other is your driver side. Place your two band clamps on your x pipe and tighten them just enough so your Catalytic Converter’s don’t slide off while installing.

10. Transfer the O2 sensors from your stock H-pipe over to your new x-pipe.

11. Slide your new x-pipe onto the rubber hangers to hold it in place while you bolt it in place.

12. Bolt your driver side of the x-pipe to the exhaust manifold, and reconnect your O2 sensors. Repeat this step for the passenger side as well.

13. Slide the clamps from the axle back piping on to your new X-pipe and securely tighten.

14. Now tighten the clamps on the Catalytic Converters

15. With everything in place check the entire exhaust system for clearance against the body and moving parts. Reposition the exhaust where needed so that everything fits correctly.

16. Double check that all bolts are securely tightened and to make sure your O2 Sensors are securely connected.

17. Reinstall your battery box and your battery.

18. Start the vehicle, inspect for any exhaust leaks. Double check all fasteners adjust as necessary.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Kyle Macomber 3.1.10

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