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Mickey Thompson Tires

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Mickey Thompson Tires

Prepare your car for track racing while still being able to drive to and from the track by investing in Mickey Thompson tires. These specially designed tires offer optimal on-track handling while still being safe to drive in street conditions. These tires are a commitment to track driving, but they aren’t as much of a commitment as tires that only perform on the track. Consider adding a set of these tires to your car if you want to push its limits in the most convenient way possible.

Enjoy Excellent Track Performance with Mickey Thompson Tires

Mickey Thompson tires are track-rated tires designed to offer a high level of traction and cornering ability in a smooth track environment. When you want your car to hold up to serious race conditions well, you can get that level of performance from a set of Mickey Thompson tires. These tires have large smooth surfaces that offer an excellent level of grip overall while minimizing wear over time. Sure, these tires won’t offer the same level of street proficiency as standard tires can, but they’re designed to give you track handling that you simply can’t get from street tires. Enjoy this unique blend of features from many Mickey Thompson tires:

  • DOT approved for street
  • High-performance racing design
  • Made for wet and dry performance conditions
  • Tread for race optimization with street functionality

As long as you’re willing to invest in these tires, your car should perform well in most race conditions. While it isn’t ideal for racing on a wet track, most of the Mickey Thompson tires are optimized to maintain grip in damp conditions as well. That doesn’t mean you should race in wet conditions, but it means that you can maintain adequate traction levels while driving home if it starts raining. When you buy Mickey Thompson wheels and tires for your ride, you get good track performance with DOT street handling conditions too. It’s an excellent blend of features that you can’t get from many other tires available for purchase today. Think about how you’ll use your car and how frequently you’ll take it to the track when looking at these performance-focused tires as a potential upgrade.

Why Mickey Thompson Tires are More Convenient

Compared to dedicated racing tires, investing in Mickey Thompson tires is more convenient for a driver that doesn’t want to trailer his vehicle all the time. These tires are optimized for track performance, but they are safe to drive on the streets as well. With rain channels, minor tread, and other advanced features, you can get good track performance with these tires while still having the ability to drive to and from the track without using a trailer or swapping your tires. If you want the most convenient set of racing tires for your vehicle, these tires are an excellent investment for your vehicle. Along with excellent racing tires, American Muscle has other race-specific enhancements for performance cars too. Consider adding racing harnesses and seats to your ride. You can get roll cages and performance steering wheels and shifters as well. Invest in performance clutches, big brake kits, and more to prepare your car for the track, and you’ll be ready for a wide range of intense driving conditions as a result. With so many different performance parts available for you to purchase for your vehicle, you can take its performance to the next level with just the right blend of investments.