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How to Install a Pype-Bomb Axle-Back Exhaust for 2005-2010 Mustang GT and GT500

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • 13 mm wrench
  • 15 mm wrench
  • WD-40
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1. Begin installation by removing the exhaust hangers and clamps that are on your current mufflers. First, apply WD-40 generously to the bolt on the exhaust clamps and all bolts on the exhaust hangers and let it soak for a few Mins, then use a 15 mm wrench to loosen the exhaust clamps that attach your current mufflers to the mid-pipe. Once the clamp is loose, slide it down the neck of the muffler.

2. Remove exhaust clamps by loosening the bolt holding it in place with a 15 mm wrench and sliding it down the neck of the muffle

3. Now using a 13 mm wrench, remove the two bolts that hold each exhaust hanger in place. Some bolts on the exhaust hangers may be harder to get to because of their placement.

4. Remove exhaust hangers by removing the two bolts holding them in place with a 13 mm wrench

5. After all exhaust hangers have been removed, slide off your current exhaust by pulling it away from the mid-pipe.

6. Slide the existing mufflers off of the mid-pipe to remove them.

7. The next step is to place the exhaust hangers in the correct position on the new Pype Bomb exhaust. Then slide the new exhaust clamps onto the neck of the pipe and begin to re-attach the exhaust hangers.

8. First you must attach the neck of the Pype Bomb to the mid-pipe by sliding it into place. Once the Pype-Bomb is attached to the mid-pipe, you can then continue to bolt the exhaust hangers back into place using a 13 mm wrench. It should be easier tore-attach the exhaust hangers on the Pype Bomb because you will have more room to work with than your factory mufflers. Do not tighten these bolts yet to ensure correct placement of the muffler. Once you have placed the muffler in the desired position, you can then tighten the bolts on all of the exhaust hangers.

After the hangers are back in their correct position, you can tighten the bolt on the exhaust clamps by using a 15 mm wrench. You will want to make sure that the exhaust hangers and clamps are bolted as tight possible to ensure that your exhaust will not come loose in the future.

9. Tighten the bolt on the exhaust clamp that connects the neck of the Pype Bomb to the mid-pipe by using a 15 mm wrench

10. The installation is now complete; the final step is to take the car for a test drive to enjoy the sound and performance of your new exhaust. After the test drive, check to make sure all parts are still in place and tighten any loose bolts if necessary.

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