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Race Star Wheels & Rims

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Race Star Wheels & Rims

Get a custom look for your ride using different Race Star wheels and rims. There are many different components from this brand offered here at American Muscle, and many of these parts are upgrades when compared to the stock OEM parts. If you want your car to look nicer, to perform at a higher level, or to be prepared for different tries, it makes sense to consider some of these wheel options. There are many different wheels to choose from, and you’ll have to know what look and performance characteristics you care about before making an upgrade to your ride.

Race Star Wheels are Offered in Different Forms

Even though the many different Race Star wheels have a similar spoke design and an aggressive look, the wheels are still offered in many different styles overall. The spoke patterns are similar, but there is a simple spoke design, thin spokes, as well as a more unique web spoke design to choose from. Along with the few different spoke types that are offered from this brand, the company offers wheels in many different finishes too. Get polished aluminum, stainless steel, brushed aluminum, chrome, black chrome, matte black, and more. With so many different color options available to choose from, it can take some time to select the finished wheels that you like the best for your car. If the wheels aren’t the first upgrade for your vehicle, you can use other exterior trim pieces to help coordinate your wheels and give you the best style overall. Add quality Race Star wheels and you’ll:

  • change the style of your car significantly
  • make your wheels more durable than ever
  • create space for different tires or brake kits
  • reduce the weight of your ride

You don’t just have different spoke patterns and colors to choose from when buying these new wheels for your car. You’ll also have to think about the material the wheels are made from as well as the bolt pattern and offset each of the wheels offers. When considering the material of the wheel you want, you should keep in mind that steel is the most durable and impact-resistant but the most susceptible to corrosion. Aluminum wheels are the most lightweight and effective at preventing corrosion, but they’re vulnerable to scrapes and dents. Alloy wheels often combine impact resistance and corrosion resistance together, but these wheels can be some of the most expensive overall. You’ll have to think about which materials are going to work best for you and your budget.

Invest in Race Star Wheels for Performance Gains

Wheels are often one of the last upgrade components that’s considered for performance gains when upgrading your ride. The right wheels can make your car more lightweight while creating space for better tires and brakes as well. While the wheels themselves aren’t likely to dramatically enhance the performance of your car, the right wheels enable the components that will really update the ride feel and performance of your vehicle. If you want to upgrade to a big brake kit and radically increase the braking power of your ride, you may have to change to a different set of wheels that accommodate that brake kit. If you want smaller or larger tires or tires of different width, you’ll also have to swap to different wheels to enable those changes. Think about all those different changes and what wheels will help you meet your goals best overall for you to get the best upgrade for your ride using wheels. We offer a huge range of Race Star wheels at American Muscle, but our customers have access to many other types of upgrades as well. There are brake kits, supercharger kits, exterior trim packages, interior enhancements, and much more to choose from. Consider adding a set of tires to go with your new wheels to change the drive feel of your ride or make more significant upgrades to your ride to change your car in other ways still.