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Mustang Bullitt Pedals ('94-'04) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • Basic Hand Tools Required
American Muscle
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1. First; begin by removing the stock brake and clutch pedal covers. To do so, pull the lip of the cover out from behind the pedal over the metal.

2. Remove the dead pedal. The removal of the dead pedal will require either a large flat head screwdriver or an interior trim removal tool as seen in the picture. Place either tool between the dead pedal and the metal bracket and pry it off. The pedal is being held on by two clips.

3. Remove the accelerator pedal. To remove the accelerator pedal you will need a socket or wrench. Once the two nuts are removed you will need to detach the throttle cable from the top of the pedal. To do so, lift the pedal assembly up to give the cable slack and pull it down out of the grove.

4. The installation of your new pedals. Start with the easiest first. The dead pedal. The dead pedal uses two clips to attach. Simply put into place and press. Use foot if needed.

5. The installation of the clutch and brake pedal. This step may be more challenging. Start by sliding the top or bottom flap of the pedal cover over the pedal. You will notice you have three of the four sides attached. Use the already attached side to slide your finger under the next flap. (it’s best to work in a circle) use one hand to press the pedal towards the side you are working on to give as much slack as possible while using your other hand to work the neighboring flap over the edge of the pedal.
Note:Some find it easier to let the pedals sit in hot water before installing. If so, please be careful! The metal on the pedal cover gets much hotter than the rubber. Wear gloves!

6. Now that you have the clutch and break done its time for the final pedal to be installed. You will notice that accelerator pedal is being held on by a metal pin. Place the pedal assembly in a vice and use a hammer and, either a screw driver or punch to remove the pin. Once the pin is removed, replace the stock pedal with the new pedal and hammer the pin back into place. Be careful not to damage the pedal while taking the pin in and out. Do not rush.

7. Reinstall the accelerator pedal assembly back into its original place using the two bolts removed previous. It may be easier to reinstall the throttle cable before putting the nuts back on. Once everything is reinstalled check for clearance between the pedals and the carpet, you may find it necessary to trim the top of the carpet to prevent binding. Now you are ready to test out your new pedals!

Installation instructions provided by Manufacturer

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