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How to Install a Strut Tower Brace for a 2003-2004 Cobra

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1. Move the plastic box in front of the strut town on the right fender so you have more room to work. This is done by depressing the latch and lifting the box clear of the retaining bracket.

2. Lay the brace across the car with the brackets on the strut towers. Position the brace so that the brackets are flat against the strut tower. Center the brace on the strut towers to prevent it from interfering with the hood.

3. With the brace in position, mark the location of the bolt-hole slots on the strut towers with a felt tip pen.

4. Remove the brace. Center punch the strut towers where you marked them with the marker. Try to start the holes in the center of the slots, so that you will be able to move the brace left or right as needed later on.

5. Next you have two choices:

A.)Drill 5/16" holes and through-bolt the brace to the strut towers by installing the provided nuts on the underside of the tower. To install the brace this way you will need to jack the car up slightly so that you can reach into the wheel wells to install the nuts underneath the strut tower.

B.)Us a "L" bit to drill the holes at the strut towers. Thread the holes with an 8mm-1.25 tap. This will enable you to install the bolts from the top without jacking up the car to get to the underside of the tower to install the nuts.

6. Reinstall the brace and install the bolts. Tighten the bolts and carefully shut the hood to double check clearance. Open the hood and adjust the position of the brace if necessary.

7. Reattach the plastic box on the right fender.

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2003, 2004 and Submodels: Cobra

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