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Steve Voudouris

CEO of AmericanMuscle and embodying the ideal of the modern entrepreneur, Steve Voudouris has established a new standard for ecommerce through his leadership and vision. Starting out with humble beginnings at the age of seventeen by cofounding his first company with his brother Andrew and another high school friend out of his parent’s two-car garage, Steve has since piloted AmericanMuscle to levels of success that have been celebrated throughout the local and national ecommerce world. Steven Voudouris is dedicated and committed to providing unparalleled customer service and a second-to-none shopping experience which has allowed AmericanMuscle to flourish and grow exponentially in a small amount of time.

A Mustang enthusiast himself, Steve’s first car was a 2001 V6 Mustang, which was replaced by a supercharged 2007 GT, and ultimately a 2011 GT500. During the process of modding his 2001 Mustang, Steven quickly noticed the deplorable state of the shopping experience that enthusiasts were subjected to. Taking his passion for cars and pairing it with his passion for entrepreneurship, Steve Voudouris delivered a completely reimagined shopping experience to auto enthusiasts, centered around a customer first mentality that is backed up by enthusiast driven content and the highest-quality of products. That shopping experience is AmericanMuscle(AM).

AmericanMuscle They are the guys supplying the parts and holding the wrench, the place where you can call to have a conversation with a fellow enthusiast about cutting down that 60 foot time or what you need to combat the fun-limiting oversteer that can plague the older generations of Mustangs. They strive to bring you enthusiast-created videos and installation guides that tell you what you need to know to be able to throttle down at the perfect time or take home the big trophy at the next car show.

AmericanMuscle strives to be an opportunity to further grow the Ford Mustang’s aftermarket culture. Through a heavy emphasis on reviews and Q&A from avid Mustang enthusiasts, AM delivers insightful commentary on the parts found on Mustangs all over the world so you are never left holding the wrench without a helpful second hand. Seeking a bit of inspiration? AmericanMuscle has a stockpile of project builds and detailed videos that can range from mild to insane. If it’s a modification done to a Mustang, AM is going to want to show you how we did and why.

Community Involvement

One of the most important aspects of leading an industry lies in helping the community you serve. In addition to supporting hundreds of Mustang clubs, organizations, meet-ups and racing communities, AmericanMuscle works with many local and national charities. Pairing up with Make-A-Wish for the 2015 AmericanMuscle car show to build a dream ride is one of the most recent examples, but AM has always been committed to doing its due part.

There is also a strong belief in education flowing through the company culture at AmericanMuscle that lead to the birth of a scholarship program for students who are pursuing an automotive field of study through post-secondary education. It takes young, motivated talent to move the aftermarket forward and if helping those students pay the bills keeps them focused on their studies, it’s well worth it.

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Steve Voudouris

Steve Voudouris at 2015 AmericanMuscle Mustang Show by Steve Voudouris is licensed by CC BY-NC