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Why Invest in a Challenger Oil Pan

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If you're building up your Challenger's engine or looking into forced induction, it will be worthwhile to invest in an aftermarket oil pan. Large oil pans, of course, hold more oil, but more importantly, have baffles that help reduce oil aeration from the spinning crankshaft. No reason to add a healthy helping of horsepower without the oil to support it.

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The might of the Hemi engine can be brought to its knees easily. It doesn’t matter how well built it is, how many power adders are present, or even how mindful you are of the redline. To kill a Hemi all you need to do is starve it of good clean oil. Poor quality oil or the lack thereof will surely cripple any engine, turning it into a live grenade that’s ready to blow. The oil keeps the parts cool and lubricated. Without it, parts would grind, bearings would spin and sooner rather than later somethings going to break.

Oil Pan’s Duty

The oil pan is more than just a part you need to look at every other month. It is the engine’s oil reservoir. The shape of the oil pan stores quarts of oil away from the moving parts. It’s time in the sump gives the oil just enough time to cool, filter out any debris, and stabilize. Without the oil pan, the life of the oil would be much shorter and it simply would not be able to perform properly.

Aftermarket Challenger Oil Pan Features

The factory oil pan on your third-generation Challenger works well but can lack in terms of desirable features for performance enthusiasts. The oil pan is a simple piece of equipment but there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to the overall design.

Increased Volume: Deep sump oil pans with increased oil capacity are highly desirable for many performance enthusiasts. The increased volume means more clean oil is ready for the engine at all times. They also increase the life of the oil which reduces the need to change the oil as often as you would with a lower oil capacity.

Materials Used: The oil pan can take a beating and may not dissipate heat as well as one would like it too. Thicker gauged materials including aluminum will be purchased to keep the internals of the engine safe while allowing heat trapped in the oil to escape.

Windage Trays: The counterweights of the crankshaft tend to splash through the oil stored in the oil pan. At high RPMs, the turbulence caused by this can result in the sump not being able to suck enough oil up into the engine. Windage trays are used to reduce this turbulence and prevent this from happening.

Crank Scrapers: In addition to the efforts of a windage tray, crank scrapers can be added to help reduce the amount of oil being flung from the crank as it rotates. This helps to keep as much oil in the pan as possible and contributes to reducing turbulence in the oil.

Oil Pumps and Sumps to Accommodate

When oil is on the radar you will want to make sure that your pump and sumps are up to the task. Even with the best oil pan and accessories, a failing or inadequate pump can still result in the engine starving of oil.

How an Oil Pump Works: The oil pump works by spinning two gears in a positive displacement pump. This is what creates enough oil pressure to get the oil moving. The sump is what dips down into the stored oil to suck the oil up into the pump.

Signs and Dangers of Failure: Low oil pressure is a good indicator that something’s going wrong with the pump or the sump. It’s not often that oil pumps fail, but if they do the engine starving of oil will result in the destruction of the engine. If oil pressure is too low it’s essential that you drop the oil pan for inspection immediately.

Dry Sump Systems

One common mod for high performance vehicles is the installation of a dry sump oil system. This type of system adds a cover to the bottom of the engine and moves the oil and oil pump to a remote location.

Oil is no longer stored in the engine it only cycles through. This type of mod is usually used on extreme examples. Whether it’s drag racing or road racing a dry sump system is essential to any application where the oil will not stay at a constant level.

Constant Oil Pressure: During launches and turns the oil will move around in the oil pan. If it moves far enough the sump may not reach far enough to draw in any oil. When this happens the engine in a Challenger can suffer greatly. A dry sump system with a remote pump and reservoir remove this danger to the Challenger entirely.

Reduced Turbulence: Turbulence in the oil created by the crankshaft is another danger to the oil supply of the engine. Bubbles in the oil can cause uneven flow in the oil through the system and this can result in the destruction of the engine. With a remote reservoir, the oil is stored in a container far from the crank and other potential threats making it much safer to run through the engine.

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