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SpeedForm Aluminum Rear Window Louvers (15-20 Fastback)

Item 389269
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    Features, Video & Details

    • Great Retro Styling
    • Lift-Off One Piece Design
    • Matte Black Finish
    • Aluminum Construction
    • Paintable
    • Fit All 2015-2020 Mustang Fastbacks

    Review & Installation Video

    Review & Install Video

    Hey, guys, Adam here with And today we're taking a quick look at and installing the SpeedForm aluminum rear window louvers, available for the '15 and newer Mustang Fastbacks. You should be checking this out for your own S550 Fastback if you're looking to pick up a classic retro-styling to really spice up the exterior appearance of your Mustang. This makes such a bold styling impression on that exterior, and it's so impactful. Now, this one here isn't new, right? We've been seeing rear window louvers on Mustangs for generations, and on our '15 EcoBoost we have here, our Fastback, I think it looks really, really sharp. This one, in particular, is a little bit unique than some of the other ones in the category, it is an aluminum rear window louver as opposed to an ABS plastic, which a lot of options typically are. The aluminum adds a smoother matte black finish to it, where typically the ABS has a little bit of a textured black finish to it. So, that's something to keep in mind when you're shopping around, it's all personal preference. I also think some of the other ones in the category have more angular and sharp edges, making it a little bit more aggressive. This one, I think, is a little bit smoother, again, personal preference. This one here does attach using these six individual brackets. Now, on the bottom of each one of the brackets are four individual 3M automotive bonding tape strips. They're specifically meant for exterior automotive usage, so they're meant to take the beating from rain, snow, sleet, and hail. They shouldn't be coming off as long as you install them properly and prep your windshield, I'll talk about that in just a little bit, but that is a hugely important part of this process.Know that this particular option does come, again, in the aluminum finish, has a matte black finish to it. I will say, it has maybe a little bit of gloss, and more so-called a satin finish. With that, you're also getting all the brackets necessary to install, and the price for it comes in right around 450 bucks. Now, I will say that this does come with a lift-off one-piece design. Out of the box, it's two pieces you'll attach together, but you have the ability to remove it all together in one piece to make it easier and more convenient to wash off your rear windshield when it comes time for that car cleaning. You definitely want a louver that makes it easier to clean in between those slats, which I think this one executes very easily.Now, getting this installed, I wanna make sure that we're touching on some really important factors. One, I'm gonna call it one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter, anybody can tackle it with about 30 minutes to an hour in the driveway at home. What you wanna do is focus really intensely on the cleaning process. You wanna make sure you're prepping that windshield properly and using the proper tools to do so. Using things like Windex and other chemicals aren't gonna be the job, that's not what you wanna do. Using those chemicals, they do leave harsher chemical residues, which can prohibit that 3M from getting a good bond. When your 3M doesn't get a good bond, that's when you start getting some of the rattling that some guys with rear window louvers have mentioned in the past. Rattling can be caused by improperly installed 3M brackets. If you're installing them and prepping properly, that's not gonna be an issue, and are not gonna come off unless you want them to.Secondly, what you also wanna do in the middle of the process is stop down for about 24 hours to let the brackets cure. We'll talk about it again a little bit when we get to the install process. But we'll be installing the brackets onto the louvers on a table, and then sticking them in place where we want them on the windshield. From there, we'll pull off the louvers, and you wanna wait at least 24 hours for those brackets to cure without the weight of the louvers pulling them down. The weight of the louver can put a little bit of added stress on the 3M before it can make a good enough bond, which typically takes about a day. So, that's good to keep in mind as well. Finally, before we get started, SpeedForm does recommend, when things are all said and done and you have this installed, going back and hitting the edges with a little bit of silicone. If you hit the edges of those brackets with silicone, right underneath of that louver where the bracket adheres to the windshield, you'll be able to prevent any moisture from slipping and undercutting that 3M tape, which just adds some peace of mind. Again, it's not required, but it is recommended just to make sure that those 3M tape bondings stay true. So, with all of that in mind, I'm gonna take you through every step of the process. We are not going to be siliconing ours because it is gonna be coming off just after this video, we just wanna walk you through that install process, what do you say we get started?Tools used in this install include a clean microfiber towel, soap and water mixture, and a squirt bottle, an alcohol wipe is recommended, flat-head screwdriver, and also used to get the 3M tape backing off was a box cutter or a small blade like this.All right, guys. First thing we're gonna do is start on our table with our two-piece louver design, we're gonna connect them and make them a one-piece. Now, as you can see, on this bottom portion here we have a little bit of a metal tab sticking out in the middle, and then the sides have them out here. So, what we're gonna do is connect these two, this little section is gonna slide together into the opposite end, and these do the same there. They're just slotted, you just kind of slot them in together, you might have to work them in side-by-side, seated, just like that, that's really all step one is, is just connecting the two sides. All right. So, we're snapping them in together. All right. So, once you have them seated all the way together, that's step number one.Next, what we wanna do is take the three splints included in the kit, two of them have 3M tape on one side and a solid aluminum on the back. The third one, 3M tape on one side, foam padding on the back. What you're gonna do is take the foam padding one, and it's gonna stick right in the center, and these other two are gonna go just below the side holes in the middle. The reason we're installing these is to add some added support to the two-piece design to give them a little bit more stability. So, step number one, what we're gonna do is take a cleaning tissue or an alcohol wipe, and we're gonna wipe down the area on the aluminum where the 3M is going to apply. We wanna make sure we're cleaning that off to free it of any dirt and dust so that the 3M tape gets as good a bond as possible. If there is any dirt, it gets in between the adhesive and the aluminum, and we'll prevent that. So, just make sure you're properly cleaning the area, alcohol wipes are a really good option, a soap and water mixture will also do the job with a microfiber.All right. So, step number one, what we're gonna do is grab the 3M tape backing with the foam on the opposite side. All right. Peel off the 3M, foam side sticking up, obviously, it's gonna go right here in the middle. All right. Apply that, push down to get a good bond. Next, one of the other ones, the other splints, peel off the backing. Now, if you go to the side, there's a hole in the side, this is where one of the brackets will install. So, it's not going here, similar to this one, instead, it's gonna go on the back of a louver itself, right over top of the split here where they connect. All right. So, once that's there, push that down. Again, this is just adding that support to each side, including the middle, same thing on the other side. We're gonna put even pressure all the way around to make sure that it's getting that good bond, and it's time to move on.All right. So, next what we're gonna do is take our brackets. Now, you'll see that the stud is off-centered, it's on the side of each one of them. We have six in the kit. So, what we're gonna do is actually install these into the pre-drilled holes, three on each side, of our louver, and we're gonna do that along with these plastic caps. Now, full disclosure, there are washers in the kit. When the studs go through, you put a washer and then the cap. We're not permanently installing these just yet, so I'm not gonna worry about the washers. What I'm gonna do is insert these in the holes. On the other side, I'm gonna tighten down the cap just by hand, just finger-tight. What that's gonna do is allow us to install all of them, lay it on the windshield, once we peel off the 3M tape, just to have the brackets in the proper position. From there, we'll lift off the louver, make sure everything's good to go, well let it settle for up to 24 hours, and then you can install the brackets, and the louver, with the washers included, I'll walk you through that.Next step here, what we're gonna do is grab one of these brackets and one of these caps, start on the end, insert that, and then tighten the cap down on the inside. The goal with inserting these is to make sure that the off-centered stud is going through and that the whole bracket is on the inside of the louver. Now, if you were to install that differently, it would look like this, and you would see the bracket. You don't want it overlapping that edge, you want it on the inside here. So, we're gonna tighten that down, finger-tight, again, just making sure it's nice and snug, and we're gonna repeat that for the rest of them. Remember, when it comes time for permanent installation of the louvers, we'll then use our washers, same thing on the other side.All right. Next up, guys, what we're gonna do is peel off all of the 3M tape backing. Now, each bracket has four backings, there are six backings, you do the math, there's a lot of them. So, what we're gonna do is just take our time, peel off each one of the backing on the 3M. Once we have the backing off, we're gonna go to the vehicle behind us and clean our windshield. We'll clean the windshield using soap and water, and nothing else, soap and water microfiber, clean that off, then we'll apply our louvers. All right. You do the same thing on the other side.Guys, the next step of the process is extremely important. You want to properly clean your back windshield before you apply the louvers. That is the biggest mistake most people make, is they don't properly clean and prep the windshield before installing the louvers. And then when the 3M tape fails, your louver might be rattling, or even come off, altogether. So, this is very important. I'm gonna be using a simple soap and water mixture, and a squirt bottle, and a microfiber. You don't wanna use things like Windex, you don't wanna use things like a quick detailer, or anything, on your windshield. They have chemical residue that they leave behind, which prohibits a perfect bond with the 3M adhesive, soap and water is gonna be your best friend here. I'm just gonna squirt this guy down, wipe it down with a microfiber. You really also wanna focus a lot on some of that edging, from, like, the edge of your paint to about six inches out, that's a really good spot where the 3M is usually going to be adhering to. It's also a good idea to hit the top of your third brake light because this is gonna be sitting up against it.All right. So, at this point, guys, we got our window cleaned up. What we're doing is, I have a helping hand here, my buddy Stan is gonna help me lay this in place. When you do lay it in place, first off, make sure that these brackets are tucked in the way they should be, you should not be able to see them from the outside. What we're gonna do is lay it on top of the third brake light, of course, still making sure that these are rotated the proper way, and lay it into place. Once you have it in place where you want it, put even pressure, firm pressure, on each one of the studs here, where the caps are, to make sure that the 3M is getting a good bond, and then you're good to go.All right. So, you've got your louvers in place, everything's settled in, looks pretty good, here's what we have to do. We have to remove our louvers and keep the brackets on the windshield and allow them to cure for about 24 hours. The reason you wanna take your louvers off is because that added weight of the louvers is pulling a little bit down on those brackets. What we wanna do is make sure that there isn't any added stress that would prohibit the bond of the 3M tape. So, I'm gonna walk around the car, walk around the louvers and take off the end caps, and lift our louvers off to allow it to cure. So, in this process, what we basically did is found its proper position, this is where it's gonna install when it's time to put our louvers back on. We can let these brackets cure once I take this off, and then from there, we can reinstall the louvers, the washers, and then the end caps. If you lift straight up on the louvers, they'll disconnect, I'm gonna do that side just to make sure they're off, and then the other side.All right. So, it's been 24 hours, you wanna make sure you've left it that long to cure, it's about time we throw our louvers back on. It can be a solid one-person job once the brackets have cured. It's really a two-person job when trying to put it on for the first time with the 3M, that's when you wanna make sure you're doing it exactly right. All right. As you can see, we're dropping it right back on. Let's grab our washers, and those caps, and tighten them down. All right, cool. From here, washer on the stud, and then finally, your cap, do this for all six. Now, as you can see, on the top of the cap there is a little bit of a split, so you can grab a flat-head and just get them all the way tightened down. Now, you don't wanna over-tighten it, it is a plastic cap, you don't wanna strip them out, but you can get them a little bit tighter so that there wouldn't be any rattling.All right. The last one tightened down, guys, you are good to go. Keep in mind that any time you wanna clean the underside of the louvers, clean the underside of your windshield, just remove these guys with a flat-head screwdriver, pull the louvers off, you have free access to the windshield, like you saw just a second ago, and you can throw it right back on, it's as easy as that.Well, guys, that's gonna wrap up my review and install for the SpeedForm aluminum rear window louvers, for the '15 and newer Fastback S550. If you wanna pick this up for your own S550, you can do so right here at

    Retro Styling. Add some classic retro styling to your 2015-2020 Mustang with these high quality SpeedForm Aluminum Rear Window Louvers. Rear window louvers were very popular on muscle cars back in the 60s and 70s. Install these rear window louvers and not only reduce interior temperatures, but add visual appeal and increase privacy in your S550 Mustang.

    Paintable Matte Black Finish. Completed in an aggressive matte black finish, these lightweight yet durable Aluminum Rear Window Louvers can be installed as is, or can be painted to match your Mustang's exterior for a more customized appearance.

    Lift-Off Design. Featuring a lift-off design, these Rear Window Louvers will give your modern Pony some classic muscle car styling without compromising visibility and can easily be removed to keep your back window clean.

    Application. These SpeedForm Aluminum Rear Window Louvers are designed to fit all 2015-2020 Ford Mustang Fastbacks including the V6, GT, EcoBoost and GT350 models.


    Fitment: 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Details

    MPN# 389269

    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    What's in the Box
    • (2) Aluminum Louver Pieces
    • (6) Tie Down Plates
    • (1) Center Splint w/ Foam
    • Installation Hardware
    Installation Info
    Tech Specs
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Finish: Matte
    • Color: Black
    • Requires Painting: No
    • Paintable: Yes
    • Hinged: No
    Will it fit my Mustang?
    • Bullitt - 19, 20
    • EcoBoost - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    • GT - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    • GT350 - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    • GT350R - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    • GT500 - 20
    • V6 - 15, 16, 17

    Fit Fastback Models Only

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        Questions & Answers (27)

        5 Top Rated Questions

        Would it survive an automatic car wash or need to be removed each time?

        • Remove it. But you shouldn't be taking a new car through an automatic wash anyway.

        Helpful (10) Show 1 more answer

        How about the fitment? Any sounds or knocks when you drive and\or hit any bumps? Can you provide a few pics?

        • Nothing that is substantial. You can hear a very faint rattle at highway speeds. Nothing crazy.

        Helpful (8) Show 1 more answer

        This is a very tempting mod. If I don't like it, can it be removed without a trace? I'm leaning toward the metal one--I think it looks cleaner.

        • The Aluminum Rear Window Louvers are removable. The mounting brackets on the rear window are held on by double sided 3M tape. Once removed from the window, the window can then be cleaned to remove the adhesive residue left over.

        Helpful (7)

        Will this go over window tint and stick fine , as that's the first thing I'm going to do. I pick my car up this Wednesday and I`m trying to get everything that I like all together. I had an old Mustang and it had the louvre on back window aswell as the small windows and I totally loved it. I don't really care for the plastic one as its not straight across , kinda droops lol

        • Hello! Generally speaking, most window tint is going to be applied to the inside of the window, so you shouldn't have to worry about the SpeedForm Aluminum Rear Window Louvers sticking. If you are having tint applied to the outside of your window, you should consult with the tint shop about applying these louvers.

        Helpful (4)

        Is this product involve any drilling to the frame of the car?

        • No drilling required.

        Helpful (4)
        10 More Questions
        Im very interested in these louvers. My concern is road noise (vibration,wind). I saw a few people mention this in the comment section. Is this normal or were the louvers they bought defective? 1 answer
        I'm on the fence between these and the plastic ones. I like the look of the plastic ones more but i feel like aluminum is a better choice for durability. Any input? 1 answer
        Does this cover the light on the rear glass? 1 answer
        Can this be made to be more secure? Seems like anyone can just walk up, undo 4 thumb screws and walk away with it... 2 answers
        Will it fit a Shelby gt350? 1 answer
        How do I contact the manufacturer to get parts? I need some replacement thumb screws and I dont have any paperwork on them since it has been over a year since I bought them. 1 answer
        If I should not like it or get tired of it at some point, could it be removed without a trace? 1 answer
        Love this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a rear window louver. However, the screw caps are plastic and I am looking to find the same size caps in black aluminum because the plastic caps can strip along the tops. Can you advise where to some? 1 answer
        Are there comparable metal caps to use in place of the supplied plastic caps? 0 answer
        Do people generally get these painted or do they leave it matte black? My mustang is black. 1 answer

          Customer Reviews (99) Write a Review

          Ratings Summary

          4.6 out of 5 overall rating from 99 customers

          Installation Time: Afternoon

          • January 15, 2020

            5 2015 GT - SamDedrick Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Helpful (0)
          • January 09, 2020

            5 2017 GT - Ellieoneee Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour


            Love them and easy install. Had no problems. Just left it out with the sun hitting after installing it.

            Helpful (0)
          • January 06, 2020

            5 2017 GT - TaylorH Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Cleanest Louvers you can buy

            The aluminum louvers are super clean, and in my opinion offer a more classic and slick look compared to some of the other options out there. The aluminum feels solid and the 3M adhesive for the mounts is legit. Only thing I’d add is do as everyone suggests and seal the edges with silicon to waterproof the mounts. Overall great buy and makes for an awesome look!

            Helpful (0)
          • December 26, 2019

            5 2017 GT - Usaf1105 Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Excellent product! Easy install

            High quality material. Installed in 20 min. Highly recommend using silicone around brackets. No vibration or noise after install

            Helpful (0)
          • November 28, 2019

            5 2016 V6 - Mom Installation Time: Afternoon

            Son loved these

            Ordered as Christmas gift for my son. They look fantastic! We’re not that tough to install and he gets compliments all the time.

            Helpful (0)
          • November 11, 2019

            5 2019 GT - Michaels Installation Time: Afternoon

            Rear Window louvers

            The louvers are great looking and fit well, IF installed correctly. Like the video warned, take your time, read the instructions and check the fit as you go. CON: only issue I have is that the six (6) screw cup "nuts" which hold the louver down to the rear window are plastic. My screwdriver cut the slot in one cup and although it still works well I would have preferred aluminum screw cup caps. For the price I think that is something which should have been offered. So far I have not been able to locate an after market replacement.

            Helpful (0)
          • October 19, 2019

            5 2015 GT - JimB Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Looks great

            Keeps the sun glare down in the car, no rattle, no view problem.

            Helpful (0)
          • September 24, 2019

            5 2016 EcoBoost - Riverwrangler Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour


            Easy install looks great. 6 plastic cover nuts plastic. will up grade

            Helpful (0)
          • September 12, 2019

            5 2018 GT - Merrill Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Back louver

            Just installed mine on tuesday sept 10 it went well took half an hour but need two people with some experoence with car accessories arroved on time

            Helpful (0)
          • August 27, 2019

            5 2019 GT - Jason76 Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Vintage look

            Love this piece. Adds the vintage look that I wanted. Easy to install in less than an hour. Highly recommend! The fins rattle a bit when driving at high speeds but that’s to be expected.

            Helpful (0)
          • August 20, 2019

            5 2019 GT - Peterbilt212982 Installation Time: Weekend

            Rear aluminum louver

            If you like the nostalgia look this is it. Easy installation with allowing the caulking to dry. Also darkens the rear window more with the tinted window.

            Helpful (0)
          • August 06, 2019

            4 2018 GT - FreddieJohnson Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Speedform Aluminum window louver 2018 GT.

            Fit was good easy to install no problems at all, no wind noise or rattles at all.

            Helpful (0)
          • July 11, 2019

            5 2016 GT - Benjamin Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Speed form Aluminum Rear Window Louvers

            Easy To Install Less than An Hr And has held up perfectly on Highway Speeds Woth Great Visibility

            Helpful (0)
          • July 04, 2019

            5 2015 GT - HLW


            Pretty easy to install with an assistant and transforms the look of the 2015 Stang GT.

            Helpful (0)
          • July 02, 2019

            5 2016 GT - BarryD Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            2016 MUSTANG GT REAR LOUVERS

            These are made very well, and look great on my car. Getting complements all the time, nice retro look.

            Helpful (0)
          • June 27, 2019

            5 2015 GT - Marksingo Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Old school cool

            Speedform louvers were easy to install,took about an hour.. definitely improved the appearance of my Stang.Gives it that 69/70Mach 1 look.. couldn't be happier!

            Helpful (0)
          • June 06, 2019

            5 2017 GT - Eric Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Excellent product

            Fit is great, follow the instructions and be patient with the install. No rattling or movement at all, and they look great. Bit pricey, but they look much better than plastic.

            Helpful (0)
          • May 23, 2019

            3 2019 GT - Debbie Installation Time: Full Day

            Rear Window Louvers

            The louvers are just fine but there was a screw missing to bolt them together. I think for the money I payed ALL the parts should have been there plus extras.

            Helpful (2)
          • May 09, 2019

            5 2016 GT - IanH Installation Time: Afternoon

            Great quality

            These louvers are probably the best look for an S550, they’re sturdy and don’t make any noise at highway speeds with right installation. Definitely helps to have an extra pair of hands but can be done solo. Would buy again and highly recommend

            Helpful (2)
          • April 11, 2019

            4 2019 GT - Rich Installation Time: Afternoon


            Look nice, ill have to remove and readd one of the mounts as it turned a little sideways and now you can see it. That will prob be a pain but i want it to look nice. Seems pretty solid, not sure if ill leave it on when im racing.

            Helpful (0)

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