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American Racing Headers Parts

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American Racing Headers Parts

American Racing Headers

A car's exhaust system is essential for carrying waste exhaust away from your vehicle during high-performance driving situations. If waste is allowed to build up too much your engine can't generate as much power while driving hard. That's why exhaust upgrades such as American Racing headers help make your vehicle more powerful. When you invest into these components you can immediately level up the performance of your ride in slight ways. Learn how headers can improve your vehicle and what additional exhaust options are available from this award-winning aftermarket parts company with products available at American Muscle.

Add American Racing Headers for Real World Performance Gains

If you're interested in increasing the power output from your muscle car, you need the exhaust system to operate as efficiently as possible. When you expand the pathways and open up the curves throughout your exhaust system you'll increase the rate of exhaust movement through your system and open up space for more oxygen and fuel vapor to combine during combustion. The headers, mid-pipe kits, and cat-back exhaust enhancements from American Racing Headers all work to improve your vehicle in these ways. Invest in American Racing Headers to:

  • boost the drive feel of your car
  • improve the aggressive sound of your car
  • style your vehicle
  • improve horsepower and torque values
  • customize your car

Parts in this kit utilize wide pipes with engineered pathways that move exhaust fumes through faster than ever before. The kits boost torque and horsepower generation when installed properly. Many come with high-flow catalytic converters and free-flowing mid-pipes for serious performance improvements. You can pair these upgrades with intake enhancements to make your vehicle even more powerful. You could also invest in a turbocharger kit to work with your exhaust enhancements to raise the power output of your engine even more. It's important to note that tuning is recommended after installing these exhaust modifications to get the greatest benefit from your upgrades.

Enhance Exhaust Durability with American Racing Headers Components

One serious issue with exhaust components in many modern vehicles is that the parts wear over time. These components corrode and fail because they're made from aluminum or even steel construction. To preserve the lifespan of your exhaust system it's important to invest in parts designed to resist wear over time. The American Racing Headers products are formed from 304 stainless steel that's built to resist corrosion and to hold up to long-term exposure to the elements. When you want your vehicle's exhaust system to withstand long-term use you'll enjoy the durability that these part upgrades offer you. Not only can you enhance the power of your ride using new exhaust components, but you can adjust the durability and the sound of your vehicle at the same time. Customize the way your ride sounds with individual exhaust enhancements or full kits. High-quality headers offer serious performance gains to your vehicle and you'll be glad you made these enhancements when your car is outputting more power and is more enjoyable to drive. There are dozens of kit options available from American Racing Headers for you to choose from, and there are even more opportunities available to you as well. Take the time to learn about the many different kits and exhaust upgrades available to you to determine how to get the most from your vehicle upgrade. Consider pairing your exhaust upgrade with other enhancements to your vehicle such as lightweight components, body kits that enhance the aerodynamics of your ride or intake components that make your vehicle even more powerful. All these different changes work together to improve your muscle car and make it even better overall.